Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

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When is my wedding
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Wow...realise it or not...it's only 75 days left for the big day!
Damn it...too many things that haven't been done!
Budget semakin lari. D: RAAWWWRRRR!!!! *bridezilla mode*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make Up

All brides want to look extraordinary gorgeous on their wedding day. XD

So, i have been hunting for Makeup Artistes since last year.
But most of the 'super kacak make-up' ones are located in the West Malaysia, so aku cuma boleh gigit jari. Hahaha~~

My favourite would be Lova Cinta...her touches are super pretty! Still boleh nampak your natural face without nampak 'cakey' or tebal. Gosh~! How i wish i can appoint her to do my wedding make-up! But since my budget tak cukup nak tanggung transportation and accomodation dier from KL to Kuching, so...takpe la... ;_;
But for those of you who wants her 'magic hand', you can try to find her in Facebook by the name 'Lova Cinta'. ^^

But don't fret Kuching-ian. There are still talented make-up artistes in Kuching as well.
i've gotten mine... but belum cuba the trial make-up lagi. My MUA would be Manja or some called her Julia. She'll be doing my make-up for Akad Nikah, berlulut, and 2 of the receptions.

Her wedding make-up fees:
+ Trial - RM150
+ Akad Nikah - RM200
+ Berlulut (same day as akad nikah) - RM50 (over the earlier make-up)
+ Sanding - RM350 (including groom's make-up)

As for Akad Nikah, i wanted it to be simple, and yes, Manja will be wearing gloves for that. *winks*
Since i need to pay for the trial make-up, maybe i should do so for my pre-wedding shooting...so my money sik membazir... tol sik? :P

Manja also recommended 3 of her friends doing the Pelamin. However, only one responded and i assumed that the other 2 is not interested with little poor bride like me, heh. So, i just appointed the responded one named Nasa to do Yabuki's Arabian pelamin at his house. :)
i might use Nasa's pelamin again for my reception too. Her pelamins will be worked within your budget, so don't be afraid to contact him, yea?

Just leave me your message here if you want their contact number. ^^

Julia Manja is not my make-up artist for all of my events. She betrayed our deal and did not even show up. Attitude problem...Some of her friends told me that somebody 'guna-gunakan' her and therefore she was sick. That made me feel pity for her. But one of bestie told my friend that she was actually had problems with the boyfriend. Too bad then...So not professional! :( DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED.