Saturday, December 11, 2010

aik? layout problem?

mata aku sorang jak nangga layout di dibah ya problem kah?
camne mok atur owh? @_@

Kerja oh kerja!

Yuhuuu~!! i'm in Sibu~!

Dah brapa hari aku tok demam selesema...seksa gila...
Sik berhenti-henti beringus...paip bocor sampey idong ku besar kedak shrek arom bulaknya...
Encik suami pun outstation ke Kuching, so aku diam ngan adik-adik iparku di rumah. Bak kata Hubbie ku tek..."aku ngembak balit amah ngan tukang masak!". Haha! Yalah tek...sian ku nangga sidak ya terpaksa bertolong cuci tapak segala...aku tek beringus-ingus bah...susah nak bekerja. Bermasak pun mala jak tergendala sbb berkasik non-stop. Makan ubat demam + selesema diberik pharmacy yg nyuroh tido ya pun sik berkesan. Gik juak aku tido manok; mala jak terbangun sebab batok ngan bersin.

Tapi...apakah?? Marek En. Suami balit dari Kuching, lalu pagi tok tek alu bait selesema ku...yerrr... pandey melawak juak idong ku tok.

Anyway, mengekot title di atas... aku tok tek, disuroh kerja part-time jadi promoter perfume agik cam every year's holiday. Tapi...masalahnya...kerja ya will be on Christmas day; 25th & 26th. Sik menjadi masalah mun aku di Kuching...tapi kinek tok aku di Sibu...and sekda sign of Hubbie mok balit Kuching awal...well, baruk marek malam nya madah mok balit Kuching on 31st. Yalah aku KONPIUS!!! Hari ya madah sik balit sbb Zati mok berambeh sitok.

Zati oh Zati! Gimana donk~? Bila ktk register sebenarnya? Boleh dirondeng sik bila ktk mok pegi Sibu? Huhu...

Ok...back to the Kerja thing...rasa cam sik worth it jak mun aku terpaksa balit Kuching demi nak kerja ya jak. Sebab sik balit modal bah...balit dah brapa $$ burn...macam kerja for nothing. :(
i love this job, but sik menguntungkan, right? :(
What do you think? <--ah, nanyak pun sik guna cuz sekda orang baca blog tok.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MISSIONS - Completed!

Alhamdulillah...majlis dah selesai...
Even though there were unwanted problems showing up, but i managed not to scream off and ran away like a runaway bride. lol... just a bridezilla, ne?
Rasa nak leput ada juak...

Tapi guys...most of you might say, "Woseehhh!! Sanding sampey 3 kali! Kaya nak juak??".
Actually...the first one is just a simple Nikah ceremony, but ada pelamin. Most of the brides are doing that nowadays right? Having a small tepung tawar session so that the majlis won't look too 'empty'? Besides, my majlis sanding's date is like a month away. This is what will happen if you can't find a huge hall to fit everything. :/

So that was the answer to my problems;

Rumah - Nikah
  • Can have a very traditional Malay style - suitable for my Nikah ceremony
  • Can have very happy and kecoh environment; the laughter from the makcik-makcik, or the sound of the men 'kacau-ing' the nenek till melatah...can you imagine that? XD
  • i can invite everyone who i want; my primary and high school mates, families from all over Sarawak who can't attend my November's reception - they are free to bring their anak, cucu cicit & friends.
  • Suitable for nenek or datuk who can't really stand or walk well, where they can rest easily in the room or on the couch.

Hotel - Reception
  • something can fit my family from different state who can't join in October but only in school holiday
  • something that is can fit up small & limited quantity of people due to budget
  • something that can let my non-muslim friends to sit and enjoy the wedding without having to move here and there just like the normal house-reception
  • somewhere that is easy for people to go as my house is very far for some people.
  • suitable to make some activities a.k.a. dancing, guestbook photobooth, 'easy view' to mingle around.

In-law's House - Bertandang
  • Almost the same like my Nikah ceremony, but less my friends as it is dedicated to my husband's side.

Therefore, basically my 27th November is my FIRST bersanding, and on 28th is the BERTANDANG. Get it??

Sian juak ku nangga bridemaids & friends ku...huhu...
To Ann, Bg. Rizal, Ijam, Awang, Zati, Achie, Shafiq, Anastasia, Nabillah, & Huiying:

Iboh jerak k?

To my sisters:
Makseh banyak-banyak! Kelak time kitak orang nikah, kelak aku balas balit...

But...most of the people after they helped went all: "Sik mok ku bersanding kelak. Aku nikah di majlis Islam jak..."

Aaaa...bagus kah sik bagus ya?


Now...kita bayar hutang!

[Nasha] Pelamin - settled.
[Lance] Photography - Today @8pm.
[Idaman Rahim] Makeup - settled. Need to go meet Rahim again because one of the earring is with me.
[Hollywood Bridal] Coat & Jewellery - settled.
[Wandy] Mini Instax 7s polaroid - Need to give it back. Ohh gosh! Need to get 1 too! XD


hmm...what else?
i lost my little notebook, so it's kinda hard to trace back what's important. ;_;

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hmm....esok & lusa is the Big Day!

Good News:
  • Wandy is going to lent me his mini instax camera!
  • Shafiq chia me my cake deco-for-sure-it's-not-fondant-or-pas-tillage at Hilton.
  • The pelamin for Yabuki's reception already being installed.

Bad news:
  • Don't think i have enough time to alter my dress. ;_;
  • Ribbon for the wedding favours sik cukup.
  • Slideshow belom polah as Lance baruk siap editing last night.
  • 2 of my headdress also belum polah.
  • Face veil belum siap.
  • Jubah Yabuki pun no news from Teeyah
  • Yabuki's head gear sik tauk apa cita.

What to do today:
  • Beli ribbon
  • Pasang pelamin at 12pm
  • Wandy sending the mini instax 7s & film today
  • Photobooth installation
  • Pick up the 1st hand bouquet & pay
  • Going for facial & hot stone massage at KANEBO
  • Polah slideshow
  • Hantar possible songs to play in the wedding

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yea yea! Otakku semakin cramped.

Too many things that haven't been done.
Padan muka...sapa suroh mok jadi superman.
But then, if you think back, i've got no choice.
Some people if they don't want to spend more on money, they can rely on their siblings, or makcik-makcik. And on the opposite way, people malas want to be busy, they just can hire a wedding planner.

And i have...neither of those...
Berbekalkan keringat dan tulang empat kerat tok lah...berganding bahu bersama Zati sambil Pikah menolong skali...mek orang terpaksa berkerja keras. Huhuhu~~~
Tapi paling kesian ngan aku lah...

Table arrangement still belom siap.
Nasa sik contact2 aku...madah mok jumpa pasya sekda bunyi gik. Gik busy nya kali...*be positive jak la*
Bapak ku pegi Penang...Mak ada kursus...Zati, Anas & Shafiq bekerja...
Pikah gago jaga pusak sakit...Dedek ada kursus astronomi.... HUWARRGHHH~!!! Stress ehhh!!!

Sabar Videl sabar...tarit napas...istirgfar banyak-banyak...

Giney tok owh...

Things that haven't been done/finished:
  • Headpieces duak2 lom siap...
  • Jubah Yabuki lom dipolah...
  • Baju lom alter...
  • Wedding favours lom abis bungkus and hias.
  • Props photobooth lom siap
  • Seating arrangement
  • Table arrangement
  • Performance arrangements
  • Slideshow
But Alhamdulillah...deco for bunga telur dah siap. Arigatou Zati!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 days before the big day (Persandingan)!

i can't sleep well! The things about the planning, what-to-dos, and nightmares jumbled up in my head! Argh! DX
Last week aku dah polah facial, but it seems like all of them appear again. Ne aku nak ngoleh duit pakey polah facial lagik tok...

Hmm...what to do today...

  1. Jumpa Idaman Rahim
  2. Pegi CINDY Matang Jaya - carik millinery netting, head band
  3. Pegi Kenyalang - beli reben, stretchable lace, carik millinery netting, beli apa2 for face veil
  4. Pegi India Street - cari selendang, headscarf lace, brooch, reben
  5. Jumpa Nasa to finalise the pelamin design

Hmm...can't think of anything else... :/
i need someone to teman me because i feel nauseous. Stress...=_=

Budget? Hopefully can get everything under RM100.

Right now i'm making the face veil by using diamente and super glue. No idea how strong and how long the glue to hold the metal together. Ganbarimasu~! Aja!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation Pt. 3!

Tenses piling up. LOL.

Yesterday we did a small post-wedding photoshoot based on the 1950's Vintage theme.
i don't know how it will turn out though...just wait for the photographer. :)
But i do hope that i can get some of the pics to be included in my wedding picture slideshow.

And hopefully can do more photoshoot with other themes and styles in my head. XD
But it's just that Yabuki doesn't have time to go back and forth to Kuching...and...the time is running out! Our receptions will be on next weekend!

So now...onto the things that need to be done.

1. Birdcage veil
  • Supposed to buy on ebay but my debit card died.
  • Then changed mind and wanted to rent from the Manja. But then, he ran off/FFK a day before my actual day.
  • Panic.
  • Contacted the seller on ebay, but she insisted saying that USPS does not guarantee a fast delivery to Malaysia even though if i pay $42 for it. Agree...USPS sucks anyway. Most of my things didn't show up last time.
  • Have to hunt for any *good* netting available in Kuching. GARRRR!!!
  • Remembered that in CINDY, they sell this vintage hat with millinery netting. Went there this noon, but it's fucking RM70! And very dusty with glue residue everywhere! Last time it was only RM30!!! The staff helped to ask the boss, and the boss only can sell it for RM60 the lowest. Crap... i just wanted the netting!
Dilemma: Should i buy it or not?

2. Arabian headdress and face veil

  • Wanted the headdress to look like Gypsies veil; saw a few time Siti Nurhaliza wearing it. LOL. But how to make one? i tried to put selendang and cover half of my head and it slipped off...T_T
  • For the face veil, i bought Diamante strands and hopefully it will be something nice. ;_; Most of the people use chiffon to cover their face so i want something more different. Boleh kah? :P
Dilemma: Need help in advice!

3. Arabian headgear for men

  • This part really make me pening! Most of the people will think that Arabian headgear is usually macam Pak Arab Saudi. But since Yabuki descended from Hadratul-maut, the headgear is sort of look like serban yang sheikh-sheikh slalu guna. Argh! Entahlah! Totally no clue! Dulu ingatkan just want to use Tarbus je...tapi nampak macam 3 abdul! Hahaha! Betol lah ya...Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rahman, Abdul tambah bapak mertua ku! Jadi 4 Abdul! Abdul Haddy! XD
Dilemma: Need help in advice!

4. Bridal Bouquet

  • Haha! Ada lagik masalah tok. Due to super busy days, sik sempat to order earlier. Adoi... another thing, i don't know whether they can get me any Calla lilies in deep red or burgundy colour! Hmmm...
  • Besides from Orchid garden shop, where else can i get cheap price for fresh flowers?
  • Should i just ask the shop to make the bouquet for me or i just buy the flowers and arrange the bouquet myself? It's easy (i think) but do i have time to do so? D: But if let say just leave it to the shop, seriously i'm in a tight budget.

5. Outfit for her

  • Both of my outfits dah siap...i really like my abaya kaftan! outer't's a bit different from what i asked...i asked for black pearls and i did show to the designer that the black pearls supposed to be greyish colour. Not the really black colour. Lagi cantik if ada burgundy colour kat atas baju tu. The price is also beyond my asked price. Aku sik tauk nak ngorek duit siney...SERIOUS! Rasa nyesal pun ada...
  • The belt...pun terlampau kecik. Aku terpaksa polah baru, or buy additional cloth for the bow. And belt burgundy pun lom carik...should i just use ribbon or buy cloth and tailor it? Ribbon nang senang, but nampak cam madot jak. Or...sik boh makey burgundy ribbon...just carik brooch yang ada batu kaler burgundy. MUN ADA lah. Siney mok carik??
  • My outer dress is...menggelebeh...The cutting tiba-tiba jadi besar! Ka aku dah kurus? Haha! My inner dress pun bahagian boobs ya besar after the designer bukak the seams inside to make it one inch bigger. Bahagian perut ok lah, cuz at least i can sit comfortably. It's just the chest part...very loose. Should i alter it back?
6. Outfit for him

  • Wo...susahnya nak carik baju nya tok...
  • Tailor made a black tux shirt at Krabi...however...they did not know how to make one. It turns out miserably weird...and too simple. The collar is not cute.
  • No... i can't fork out money to tailor made another one. And no time.
  • The bridal shop only have M sized shirt and it is quite large on Yabuki. And no black colour.
  • The necktie! The bridal shop doesn't have any descent burgundy colour...The one that we rent was so...crooked. =_=
  • His Arabian outer bisht is currently in process...i think. But i made a mistake by choosing Satin for the material. OH NO! Semua duit punya pasal. Sebab mok murah tek nak? But when i think back...Satin material easily wrinkled and look costumey! AARRGGHHH!!
  • Arabian...pakey kasut apa? LOL.
7. Bunga telur
  • Tengah ikat reben with Zati... huhuhu~
  • Rebus telur on 26th & attach them to the bunga telur sekali.
  • Bring them to the hotel and arrange on the pahar.
  • In-charge by Zati.
8. Wedding favours

  • Bought benang kait as a cheaper alternative to ribbon. Ribbons in Kuching are expensive. =_= Imagine, a 45 cents ribbon in KL to be compared with the same ribbon in Kuching but with RM4.90 price. Gila...
  • Mom said "sik kacak...nampak murah." i replied, "iboh pandey komplen jak. dah nya sekda duit, polah cara sekda duit.". *bridezilla mode ON* D:
  • Aku rasa ok jak rupa nya diberik benang kait ya...orang puteh pun makey kedak tok juak bah.

Rasanya tok jak benda yg aku dpt pikir buat masa tok. Will update on this on the next post. :)
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Mubarak!

Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to everyone~! :D

i'm spending my raya without my beloved hubbie...*sobs*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation Pt. 2!

Hooooo boyyyy~!!
New tense is coming up!
With the bad timings when all of my cats are infected with the 'Cat Flu', and one of my cats, Seiji died today.

This cat flu is dangerous! The cats are having fever, puke all over the places, difficulties in breathing, non-stop mucus & flowing saliva. Kuning & Putih are still infected, Bunga is recovering, Tot is getting the high temperature again, and my sister's and my pocket are getting emptier...;____;

Talk about the preparation for the first Reception...
i managed to give most of the invitation cards to my friends. Ada juak yang sekda di rumah. Sampey terlambat masok session karaoke with Izzati & Achie. Haha!

Now i am still trying to figure out the table names & arrangements. The manager of the hotel asked me to discuss with Nasa (pelamin person) about the table arrangements and the red carpet. think back...i only asked for Nasa to create my pelamin only...So i don't know if he will help with the decoration and stuff. @_@ *sms nasa*

*stares at the clock* i have an appointment at 4:30 pm for my facial treatment. It's been a long time i haven't do mine since 9th October. Seriously very pokai as facial treatment can be very expensive. OH CRAP! i haven't check whether i have enough money in my wallet or not!!!
Harap-harap enough la. Or else i better go now to get some money from the ATM.

OK, here's the Work-list for my bridesmaid:

Fika, Izzati, & Dedek:-
  • Jaga photobooth
  • Sediakan props and technical things
  • Sediakan Guestbook

Anastasia & Swing:-
  • Videotaping Guests' wishes. :D
  • Making the placards
  • Atur the wedding favours

i think i need to recruit more help for this. Anyone? D:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation!

Just got back from Sibu. :)
Yeah, been to Sibu *first time* following Mr. Husband on last 31st October. And there i get to see our new home somewhere near at the city centre. Sorry, i forgot to take the pictures. LOL.
It is very old with oriental touch and look great with black and red accents!
Too bad, Yabuki is not really into decorating the house as he is not sure whether we will be 'stuck' in Sibu forever or not. Besides, the renting is quite high for us currently as we really need more income to support our life after our marriage.

Ah, anyway... i'm back in Kuching just for the preparation for the incoming receptions.
But my birthday is coming soon, and it falls on Monday which either i have to go back to Sibu to celebrate with my husband, or just stay in Kuching and wait for him to come back on the weekend.

Back to the topic...
Tonight will be our (me, Shafiq, Zati and Anastasia) first day to meet up for our dance practice. Yeah...wish us luck as i never involved with dancing things before and remind you...i'm very 'kayu'. But for the sake of once in a lifetime to have fun in own wedding, i got to make it right. XD
So, Anastasia will be in charged with the choreograph, and i already done editing the song.
i really hope we can survive with the 1 minute and 50 seconds dance, without having the guests to look weirdly-stunned. *gulps*

Kak Ma called me up to say that she have sent my inner dress today in case i'm having a post-wedding photoshoot this weekend. And i asked her to alter the size one inch bigger because i merely can't sit comfortably with the tight dress. ;_; Yeah...i'm getting chubbier...with extra want some! i give you freeeeee~!!!!

So yeah, hope to see you tonight Zati~!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Married!

Hello readers!

Alhamdulillah...the solemnization has been done well and i'm officially Yabuki's wife. :)
There were lots of bad things happened, but luckily i have the best people and fiancé (now husband lol) to help me to get through the rough times.

The akad nikah was "LOL" and sweet. Yabuki had to get through it by 3 times due to nervous. :P
Can you imagine the groom trying to menikahkan the tok kadi back? Hahaha! XD However, we had a great time. ^^ i wonder who get the whole process in video. Hmm...

Here are the 'rundown' of what happened:

  • The arranged bridal company did not contact or follow up regarding the pelamin
  • Passport drama
  • My baju nikah came in late but it is amazingly beautiful!
  • Found out that my Keringkam selayah clashes (benang silver keras) with my baju nikah (chiffon) - habis berbulu my baju kena tarik dek benang!
  • The hand bouquet is quite expensive. And most of my favourite flowers already been sold out. T_T But good thing is, it is very pretty!
  • The pelamin people contacted me. Asked them at what time they'll come but never get the response. Janji tengahari but malam baru datang. And they did not want to make the pelamin according to the area that i want, and never discussed what design i really want.
  • i love the Satok's Mita Cake House's mini cupcakes and the staff or boss (chinese girl, short hair, using glasses)! XD And screw the Petra Jaya (near Heritage restaurant)'s Mita Cake House. The staff was rude and can't negotiate at all.
  • Hujan gila-gila lebat!!! Especially on the day before my nikah. There were lightning, blackout, and storms. The elders started to gossip-gossip saying it's a bad omen. They even asked me to get my something-worn to be thrown up to the rooftop to avoid rain (old superstitious petua).
  • Went to buy STAGE makeup because they have this buy one free one promotion. XD Then i get to have their free makeup and use it for my berlulut session.
  • Due to the heavy rain and heavy wind, my house's roof were blown out (the event was actually at grandma's house) and the rain was pouring in. The flood was below knee according to my dad and TV, laundry dryer machine, printer, and etc were damaged.
  • Crap! i forgot most of my props for the berlulut session. And the pelamin people who supposed to help me with the costumes and accessories could not make it. FUCK. Anyway, i just model out my Yukata (without geta), Saree (without inner shirt and just used sister's baju tido top), and Shiro Lolita.
  • The bangku bantal for akad nikah (pillow seat where the bride and groom sit) were UGLY. These were provided by the bridal company who made my pelamin. i had to buy extra cloth and Ann & Bang Rizal helped to modify the seat.
  • The pelamin was big...located very near to the front door. It's hard to take pictures without having wide angle lens. Design wise - look ok inside the pictures, but if you see it in front with your is ugly. Bad construction, dented wood, the 'kerawang' bergoyang-goyang and jatuh everytime, the lighting didn't work, the flowers are so cheap and ugly looking, the sofa seat is dirty and i have to borrow sheep fur rug from Yabuki's aunt to cover it.
  • Same day, i found out that my makeup artist can't be contacted. He FFK me!!! FUCK!
  • Ann helped me to find another makeup artist which i have to go for my makeup at 6 am at his shop because he also have other brides to make up. Amen for that!
  • Anyway, i love my henna design! Asked for feminine + tribal design. XD But it won't stay long... :(

Hmm...i only manage to say all those for now. Maybe next time to tell out the details.
Please avoid the bridal company. =_=
Thinking about them really made me wanna puke. URGH.

Friday, October 8, 2010

2 days left...

Yesterday was very 'heck'tic...

First just want to wish my parents a Happy 27th Anniversary and to my sister Fyka, Happy 24th Birthday!

Salam takziah to Shafiq's mom who passed away on 5th October at 2:00 am because of liver cancer. May Allah bless Aunt Zahrah...she was a great person and a very understanding mother.

Okay, back to updates....
First, the solemnization pelamin. As my previous post stated that the pelamin person did not answer my calls, then i received his sms saying that he'll go to meet us in the 6th October afternoon. But again, he didn't arrive on time where he actually showed up at 9pm.
He called me up saying that my proposed location to put pelamin is not good because he said they need to take off the chandelier to be replaced with theirs (malas case?). i can't really say anything because i wasn't there. So i just have to say "whatever that fits the pelamin and the place and also how people are going to sit and mingle around in the area". Mom and grandma are not helping because they just say "apa-apa la...".
Then, Fyka said they'll come again tomorrow morning (7th October).

i had some passport-making drama as well...had to rush here and there.

Errghhh...i'm very stressed!!! i can sense more 'ugly' things to come! D: *BRIDEZILLA*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

*Sings* Uh-Oh! I'm in trouble!

The pelamin person for my Nikah did not pick up my phone calls.
He promised that he'll come over to look at the place but he didn't.
Like hell, why he never answer my calls and my grandma's?
Grandma was waiting for him the whole day yesterday. And today is going to be the last day; if he still not coming over, then we have to switch plan.
That was weird though...most of friends give good credits to him. :/
Was it because 'sama kampung' label made him feel, "sik hal bah...user user..."?

i feel bad for Nasa though. i called him over and talked about this matter and asked whether he can help to design my pelamin in the very last minute. He was kinda worried as in the Bridal industry, if you jadi 'tukang menyambut' kerja plan B, kelak pandey jadi berkelai between their friends. So he needed a confirmation from me and that person. troublesome...and devastating...=_=
Brapa hari gik tok...

Anyway, Congratulations to everyone who graduated yesterday!
Finally i've been able to walk on the stage with a Bachelor Degree in hand!

Salam Takziah kepada Shafiq atas pemergian ibunda tercinta... ;_;

Monday, October 4, 2010

Whoaaa!! 5 days left!

Can't really sleep these few days! D:
Panic maybe?

Yesterday had a small fight regarding the quilt cover. Darn it's hard to get the colour and design according to the theme we want. Or if the stores have them, they don't sell the cover separately. And most of the designs that i like were out of stock for King size. Well, i have a Queen sized bed, but bought the King size quilt so that it will fall nicely on the bed.
Oh darn Aussino! Please stock up your store!

In the end, we bought the AKEMI set...which do have our theme colours...but...i don't need the fitted sheet. And design wise...urgh...messy...with flowers. *shudders*
Price-wise is okay because it supposed to be RM700+ but discounted to RM200+ because the design was soooooooooo last season. Now i need to buy Red coloured pillow shams.

Oh! Before that, we went to do facial for Yabuki. Went to try for Tribal Remedy. Mom loves that place. She likes pretty and clean place. The massage & reflexology are quite good. But was not sure how the facial goes...i know that i don't really like the manicure + pedicure there. Quite itchy afterwards.
Ah, here it goes..Yabuki took the facial treatment, and i took the Eye treatment.
Both of us just lying on the massage bed thingy, the staff put machine and put electrical current on my eyes. @_@ Then Yabuki's turn for facial... i heard the staff said, "Wah! Banyak pimple hor?" My opinion was...of course lah banyak! People won't go for facial if they don't have any pimple. LOL. Can't really remember how long we stayed there...But the result...i don't know much if there is any differences to my panda eyes, and Yabuki's face still have lots of pimples untouched and unpoked. =___=
OK...don't go there for facial. Massage...yes.

Baibai! :D

p/s: Rushing for Convocation rehearsal today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

FAILED - Mission to make Macarons.

Attemp to make macaron has failed. LOL.

Even though the ingredients to make Macarons are just 4, but as the saying about macaron that i found online; "If it ain't fussy, it ain't Macaron".

But for sure, it's my fault as well...
First, i don't have the 'icing' tip, second i'm short of 10g Almond grounds ( i don't know if this really make differences), third i'm using gel type food colour which made the meringue very heavy and wet even though i hardly put any - just a small dot from the fork. And the most failed fault was...i forgot to put powdered sugar into the meringue + almonds + Aqua colour!

GAHHHH!!! x___x

However, i just baked it according to Tartelette's tutorial here...
But i'm not sure whether the oven i'm using is convection or regular ones...and instead of Fahrenheit, i'm converting it to Celsius using this site.

1st attempt - 130°C, 18mins. using 'api bawah' first , then change to 'api atas'. The result, bau yg sedap (lol), it breaks easily, a bit orangey colour on top (almost hangus), the inside is very soft. The taste is chewy, super sweet and 'nuts-ish'. i never tried macarons before, so no idea about that.

2nd attempt - 140°C, 20 mins. Using api atas & bawah. The result...hangus/burnt...Hahahaha!!

3rd attempt - 130°C, 20 mins. Using api bawah first for a while, change to api atas, then change to api bawah again. Can see the 'feet'!! XDDD However, after 15 mins or so, can see the below hangus. Then i have to stop it before everything hangus. Taste wise, better than the first! Crunchy, but hangus taste abit...and the colour is orangey and not Blue anymore. ;_;

4th attempt - 100°C, 17 mins, Using api bawah for first 10 mins, change to 70°C then change to api atas for next 7 mins. Again, almost hangus, but better than the 3rd attempt.

My question now...should macaron shells tastes soft or crunchy?
Sigh...i really dunno how. :/
Maybe will try again next time.

p/s: Oh no! i think i'm allergic to nuts! D:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Must try - Ring holder / Bekas cincin Nikah

I'm looking forward to do this~

Cantik kan? Dah lamak ku nginci menatang tok. Haha!
Here's the tutorial from Martha Stewart : Silk Flower Tutorial.
Planned to do this for the ring holder, which i'm quite freaking out because i don't have transportation to go find the materials and settle up other stuff as well.

What else that i need to find for this...

+ Silk or Tafetta fabric
+ Pinking shears
+ Wire

Siney nak carik pinking shears owh? FAH company? Techno Graphic?
As for the wires, aku rasa gik masih ada benda tok. Pakey ku molah bunga hantaran time tunang dolok. Siney sidak nyimpan owh...
i need to make the leafs...sik nampak bah.

Colour wise...hmm... Susah na juak nak polah perbandingan since i just reformatted my laptop, so i don't have the Photoshop and Illustrator installed. =_=

Again, theme colour accents are:

Pink & Blue

*thinks hard*

Bekas cincin kaler silver yang aku beli kat Jalan TAR ada...
As for the tapak, i planned mok pakey Bantal jak... Square? Round? Hmm...
If Square shaped, what kind of tassels that i'm going to add?
Materials for the sarung bantal? Tafetta? Faux Fur? Colour?
Bantal put on pahar? No?
Design tepi-tepi?
Sapa yang nak jahit?


Sempat kah?


p/s: Blogspot must have been a f***tard today. All the font colours are not showing. Hmmpphhh...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wedding Bouquet

Wawawa~! Tinggal 15 hari je (tak termasuk the actual day. hehe) lagi! Kecut perut!!

Now we'll talk about the hand bouquet~ Need 2 of them; one for Nikah, and one for the Reception...WAIT...i totally forgot about Yabuki's Reception side! Gahhh!! So make it 3...i think. =X

Hmm...let see...what kind of flowers that i like.

Let's see if anything matches with the themes.



Of course, i love Roses!

Love them no matter what colour and types they are! Bought fake Tea roses for my bedroom deco at SSF. Hehe.
But persoalannya sekarang...should i have Roses hand bouquet?

For Nikah (White) - Accents will be Pink & Blue

So pretty! And suci gitu...hahaha~~

For Reception (Burgundy / Ivory) - Accents will be Black & Ivory

Roses+Calla Lily = Pretty!

Gosh! Loving the feathers!




Calla Lily

Casablanca! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


Very dramatic, kan?



HOMAIGOSH! You'd never knew how much i love peonies! They're gracefully fuwa-fuwa and soft and super sweet looking! i think they look better for my Nikah bouquet since my theme is Candy-ish!




Definitely nice for my reception! XD Simply Mysterious~



Ada banyak lagi choices yang boleh jadi extra accents such as blue hydrangea, berries, gerbera, tulip, and etc~
Ataupun kamu nak yang lebih dramatic seperti ini?

Credits: WedDish

Dramatic! I LOIKE!


Anyway, i chatted with Yabuki about his reception's wedding bouquet...
Asked him what kind of flowers that he'd like me to carry~ he answered, "Bunga rafflesia...".
Apakah? Hahahahaha!!!

Tandahnya....sak majlis nya berbau....hahahahaha~~!!


Okay! End of long post! It actually took me for 3 days to finish typing and google up!
i thank SAILORMOON's Takeuchi sensei for developing my flower-types knowledge.
Seriously! Sik main-main tok! Nya banyak melukis bunga, berik nama characters by flower and planets and stars name. :)

Bai bai!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dugaan lagik!

nak meluah perasaan gik...
Dah bagus-bagus planning pakey wedding tok, dah dekat pun hari macam-macam masalah baru datang. Nang HEBAT.

Masalah 1
Waktu meeting pakey majlis nikah dolok (bulan 7) dah confirm sapa masak, sapa bertulong since mek orang bermasak dirik empun and bergotong-royong pakey jimatkan kos.
Anjang (family jauh) ku ngan laki barunya nyanggup nak masak + berkaut seperah, and kedong lakinya ada connection ngan sidak RELA, sidak ya boleh nolong berhidang, berbasoh, ngemas, and etc...Pasya hari dekat nak raya nenek ku madah laki baru anjang sik dpt nolong bermasak sebab nya ada keja outstation and keja outstation ya ada income rather than nya stay di kuching. Bingong la mek orang sik hal pikir mek orang tek...anjang kan masih ada pakey nolong, lagikpun mun dah rezeki lakinya nak keja tempat lain sik hal lah...nak?
then, sidak RELA kan ada as promised awal2...jadi mek orang mintak tolong adik Cik ku yang kerja Chef di Perak (import, ha!) pakey nolong bermasak. Ok...mek org pikir settle...
Hari marek nenek ku coba tepon anjang beberapa kali...sik disaut...
Pasya pagi awal nenek ku tepon balit pakey tepon rumahnya...ada nya nyaut. Nenek ku nanyak kenak susah gilak neliponnya, pasya nya reply tepon dipinjam lakinya sbb teponnya ilang. Terus nenekku nanyak camne plan bermasak and stuff, and tiba2 nya diam...pasya madah (nenekku slalu makey loudspeaker sbb telinganya sik kuat), "Sik pat ku Usu! Sikpat...". eh jawapan ya...terus nenekku nanyak camne ngan sidak RELA...nya terus madah sik dpt contact sidak ya sbb nombor tepon ilang bersama hp lakinya.

Pasya bila lakinya tek outstation lalu nya sik dpt nolong???

Nenek ku madah, "Bah, mun gia agak jak sidak ya mun sik dpt ditelipon."
Nya madah sik dpt sbb rumah sidak RELA ya jauh gilak and kenak makey bot segala sbb bersungei-sungei...
Banyak kali jak alasan nya...

Persoalan pertama...kenak lah nganggup mok nolong in the first place?
Bukannya nyanggup based on kelaka mulut jak tok, tp dalam meeting rami-rami bah!
Pasya tek, mun sik tegal nenekku nelipon nya, sik lah mek orang tauk nya sik dpt. Sik juak nya madah awal-awal ngan mek org yg nya tek sik dapat nolong! Tok dah brapa hari gik tok??

Masalah 2
-aku delete sbb mood aku dah bagus sikit. harharhar! tp spt biasa, masih susah mok ngontek sidak tok-

Masalah 3
Aku sekda kereta. Kereta ada, tapi duit pakey bayar roadtax+insurance, and petrol sekda.
So kerja aku mati tengah jalan. Sik ku tauk camne nak pegi trial make-up, carik barang, etc. Bagus tikam lam laut jak lesen ngan kereta aku ya.

Masalah 4
Aku nak graduate. Hooray! Tapi...parents aku dapat pegi kah sik?
Bapak ku madah dapat time aku ngambik nya di epot hari ya, tp dapat cayak kah? Orang tok kotan busy byk kerja, anytime boleh lupak event penting.
Mak aku diam ajak. Sik tauk dpt cuti kah sik.
Sometimes aku pikir, graduate kah sik graduate kah, sama ajak lah.

edit: mak aku madah sik dpt. ada appointment adikku ngan neurologist. hal tok, aku sik ambik ati. penting bah. so aku mintak tunang ku jak replace. mun nenek ku tahan dudok lamak, dah lamak aku nyuroh nya datang.


*random* Aku rasa aku nak polah Macarons. Pakey ngubat ati yg duka lara. *random*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

22 days left...

RAWR!! Super NERVOUS Okay?? @_@

My room already painted with the colour that i want. And added extra pillar to balance another existed pillar (came from room extension long time ago), but somehow the tukang made it quite senget. =_= And quite messy lah...The deck + pillar modifications were really expensive. T__T *rebuk rasa dadaku*

Room theme colour: Black + White + Red(belum ada)

Yah...kepak orang tukang ngecat ya, sampey ngelap peluh nya lam gambar tok...
lekak ku muji kacak & bersih nya ngecat, lalu sik bersih time nya cat plastik pakey napok wayar letrik ya... aisehhh.... =_= lain kali sik mok muji nya gik.

Bought the fan+lamp at Seng Hup near Singapore Chicken Rice & Timberland Hospital.
RM350 including the bulb, but the bulb hilang by the maid again. Hmmphh...Luckily got extra bulb that we bought from IKEA. Terjulur la sikit bulb tu...sebab bukan yang suitable for that lamp. ^^;; If you want to know what kind of design the lamp has, just go to After 2 restaurant, and look for the patio lights. :P

Alhamdulillah, paid for the bedroom set already.
Wanted to use the Divan bed given by Uncle Sulaiman, but it's super big for my room. *sigh*
i should have designed the 'pillar' to follow the tile design so it will have extra space to put wardrobe and the side table. And it's quite hard to find the bed sheet and stuff (budget lari mun beli lagik since dah terbeli for Queen size bed). Darn! So, we're following the original plan which is to use the Queen sized bed from MIVA. But then, kena beli new Quilt cover since we already bought King size quilt cover. How i wish i can go to IKEA. Super cheaper than Parkson or Aussino. ;_;

Hmmm...what else...
Oh, i've been surveying for hand bouquets...maybe will do another post about this. :)

Now going to finish up this Sorority Life gifts accepting thingy, and off to sleep!
Oyasuminasai minna~! ^o^

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sorry for the late wish, but Salam Aidifitri guys~! :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Checklist : Nikah

1. Berlulut (091010) [x]
[x] Makeup - Stage Make-up
[x] Baju Persalinan 1 - Yukata
[x] Baju Persalinan 2 - Saree - sapa pandey ikat saree sitok??
[x] Baju Persalinan 3 - Shiro Lolita

2. Pelamin (091010-101010) [x]
[x] Pelamin - not recommended. Please comment if you want to know this company.
[x] Bunga telur
[x] Pahar - pinjam cik su punya.
[x] Arch - tukang pelamin supplied.
[x] Bantal nikah x2 - supplied by the tukang pelamin. had to re-do the lapik duduk ourselves because the original were totally a disaster!
[x] Alat merenjis - Sendiri punya.
[x] Bunga hiasan
[x] Bekas cincin Nikah - self DIY.

3. Baju Nikah (101010) [x]
[x] Baju kurung moden
[x] Selayah keringkam
[x] Kasut
[x] Makeup - Went for Idaman Rahim, after the original mak andam named Manja lari/FFK.
[x] Earrings
[ ] Bracelet - no need
[x] Hair accessory (bunga, etc) - ku copet bunga hiasan di rumah. hahaha
[x] Bunga tangan

4. Wedding Favours [x]
[x] For Team Zikir Wanita (091010)
[x] For Team Zikir Lelaki (101010)
[x] For Guests

5. Multimedia/ Hiburan / Doa (101010) [x]
[x] Photographer(s) - Thank you to all of my friends! and thanks to Zahir too!
[x] Videographer(s)
[x] PA System + Karaoke
[ ] Kompang - jika ada
[ ] Silat - jika ada
[x] Zikir
[x] Emcee

6. Meja Beradap (101010) [x]
[x] Meja makan pengantin + kerusi
[x] Alas meja + skirting
[ ] Hiasan bunga
[ ] Makanan special pengantin. ;D aku mok sushi boleh sik?
[x] Wedding Cake - A cake made from pulut, di kaler pink on tingkat atas, with mini cuppies with baby blue & pink colours at below.

7. Guests (101010) [x]
[x] Kanopi
[x] Kerusi + Meja
[x] Alas meja
[x] Pinggan + Gelas

8. Honeymoon *coughs* [x] - LAST MINUTE PLAN. XD
[x] Air Tickets
[x] Accomodation
[x] Transportation
[x] Activities
[x] Food
[x] Shopping
[x] Misc

Posted on 7th September 2010
Comment: HOMAIGOSH! Too many things that haven't been done! D:

Updated on 28th September 2010
Comment: Went for trial makeup.

Updated on 22nd February 2010
Comment: Done with the everything! :D Mostly sangat sakit hati about the make-up case & the pelamin. Nasib baik Ann recommended me Idaman Rahim.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Problems go away!


Alhamdulillah...most of my problems being settled one by one. Allah maha mendengar. :)
Super stressed for last few weeks.
Luckily Encik Tunang ada that time...he's not the type yang suka memujuk or sweet talker, tapi nya embak pegi makan, polah facial, nangga movie, and ekot siney-siney i wanted to go especially carik barang pakey kawen. Mun orang sik perasan, sik orang tauk yg nya actually trying to ease my pain. Hehe~

Today pun dapat settle one major problem...Last 2 week on Friday, i received a call from uni saying that i don't have my Malaysian Study and i can't graduate because of that. Memang la aku sedeh gila! i admitted that i never took that subject in Swinburne because last time sidak madah everything dah being exempted. My bad cuz i never get any written proof of that because i believed them. SIC tried to help me asking whether i really never took that subject before this in UNITAR or not. Serious nang aku lupak terus. But then, quite weird cuz mun aku sik penah ambik subject MPW ya, kenak Bahasa Kebangsaan and Islamic Studies aku dpt exempted?
Dalam time ya juak lah dah lah super busy with designs and also barang2 pakey kawen tok tek, rasa nak mohar...tapi sabar jak lah...rami juak lah ku contact orang...

Then contacted Tuan Hj Marzuki, one of Kuching's UNITAR boss, nanyak whether i can get my old transcript or not. Alhamdulillah nya madah boleh. Terus polah appointment on Monday because he's busy on Friday. Uuuuu....Thank you very much Tuan Haji! Mun nya sik nolong sik tauklah giney gik.
Again, Alhamdulillah, nang aku penah ambik subject ya dolok. So i submitted to Mr. Zebba today. Sanggupnya turun building ambik transcript aku sebab sekda parking. Thanks again Mr. Zebba!
Terus ku balit rumah dalam keadaan minyak kereta bapakku yang kosong. Hahaha! Nang pelik nasib ku tok...
After that, tunggu lok for a few hours...i called Mr. Zebba again for an update. Nya madah good news, already submitted my name for Graduation, and just wait for them to call for a gown-fitting meeting. SUPER HAPPY YO~! XD

Tapi yalah...Yabuki asked me to ask the finance department whether nang menar dah settle kah belom...just in case ada gik apa2 problem...alang2 aku boleh juak mintak confirmation whether aku benar2 boleh graduate... :)


Friday, August 27, 2010



Sorang pun sik mok nolong...

Rasa mok lari jauh-jauh...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mission : Borang Permohonan Nikah

As Salam reader(s)!

Ho yehhh~!!
Dah siap isi borang permohonan nikah!

Encik Tunang dah lama suruh aku isi borang ni actually...dier dah siap2 tandatangan segala untuk borang dier and mintak surat kebenaran untuk kawen luar kawasan since dier kerja kat Sibu.
Dier siap ambikkan borang hijau utk aku from Sibu since July and gave it to me when kitorang buat gathering with friends at After Two.
Tetapi...huhuhu...borangku dah kemek sebab Izam terduduk kat atas beg. Kesian. ^^;;;

Jadi, aku pegi balik kat Majlis Islam utk dapatkan another borang.
Punyala lama nak tunggu...staff yg bekerja sikit je...and ramai sangat orang yang tak ambik nombor giliran and buat sukati je nak potong line.
Sebagai contoh:
*Semua org duduk menunggu giliran*
*Tiba-tiba datang pakcik ni masuk bilik and terus pegi kat meja counter.*
Staff yg bertugas: "Waalaikumsalam...err pakcik dah ambik nombor kah?"
Pakcik: *ignoring the question* "Kamek tok nak nanyak..." and teruskan urusan dier.

Benda ni berlarutan sampai beberapa orang...
Sepatutnya staff yang bertugas jadi lebih tegas...alasan busy and nak kejar waktu? come on la...semua orang kejar time, kan? :) So kan lebih baik ikut giliran, first come first serve la...baru adil...Tak pun, bukak lorong express untuk mana2 case yg sgt express macam ambik borang je. Macam aku...huhuhu~~
Anyway, waktu ni, aku tunggu sejam...adik aku yang tunggu dalam kereta sampai berpeluh2...hohoho~~

Dah dapat borang, aku isi...alamak...ader salah tulis...takpe...kensel sikit...pastu aku kena cari Ketua Kampung/ Ketua Kaum untuk pengesahan yang aku masih single...mana nak cari ni? Aku letak kampung nenek aku punya je lah...lepas tu, aku letak atas meja sebab taknak terlupa borang kalau aku pegi rumah nenek untuk mintak tandatangan KK.

Mistake sangat-sangat! Pembantu rumah aku simpan maner ntah sebab dier ingat document tak penting... Hadoiiii!!

Jadi aku terpaksa pegi sekali lagi mintak borang baru...This time aku pegi with Ann yang also nak kawen bulan 12. Hehe. Thanks for picking me up that time Ann!
Alhamdulillah, waktu ni orang tak ramai...sekejap je kitorang datang, ambik nombor and duduk...pastu dah kena panggil...This time, the staff bagi sedikit briefing macam mana nak isi borang. Sangat baik pakcik ni!:D Dulu, takde sorang pun nak brief aku...
Rupa-rupanya...Ketua Kampung kena cari yang sama alamat dengan tempat aku tinggal and mesti match alamat yang Tunang kita isi...
Uuuu...nasib baik...rupa-rupanya misteri kehilangan borang tadi ada hikmah disebaliknya....Hahaha~~

Ok~~ aku isi balik...dengan berhati-hati ok?
Then aku mintak bapak ku hunt for the KK. Pencarian berlaku beberapa hari and yesterday baru jumpa. So Alhamdulillah, semua dah isi...and sekarang nak pegi Majlis Islam to submit.

Yayyy!! Dah boleh nikah!! *i hope* :P

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mission : DIY Photobooth

One of my dream missions is to set up a Photobooth during the reception. :D
Saw this idea when browsing up google last 2 years. When i first saw it, i was like, "HELL YEAHHH!!! This is gonna be in my wedding!!!" XD

Credits: Wedding Acres

Very interesting! Hehe~~ The pictures can be pasted for the Guestbook; instead of just a normal guests names and wishes. And of course a written wishes also welcomed. ^^
i really hope that everyone who attend the reception will participate! It will be a good memory to be kept in the guestbook. :)

So, the challenges are:
1. how to hang the backdrop?
2. need to get ready some props - parasol, fake moustaches, photo frames, teddy bears, flowers, etc.
3. should i use polaroid camera or normal camera? if using normal camera, where can i get the mini printer for cheap?
4. need to assign one or two of the bridesmaids to 'guard' the booth
5. need to get permission from the hotel manager.
6. need to get ready the guestbook. Buy or DIY?
7. find a suitable place to set up the booth in the hall.
8. get extra tables to put guestbook & props.

The eldest really gave me the o_O huh?? look when they heard my proposition. Guess that 'simple' and 'get over it quickly' wedding is only applicable for them. *sigh*
Anyway, wish me luck!

Tak lama lagi buka puasa~~ Hehe~ XD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i ish not happy! D:

Things that have made me stressed out lately:

1. getting fat. i like gaining weight, but hate those flabs under the chin and tummy!
2. no money. (THE MOST EVIL THING!)
3. wedding invitation for solemnization still not yet done.
4. there is no news about my wedding attires (3 of them).
5. airplane tickets has been sold out and super expensive so i don't know how to go to Shah Alam to do my wedding dresses fitting. i should be there 2 weeks before 10/10.
6. grandma insisted to have make-up changes according to different attires for Berlulut session. more make-up means more $$ to burn!
7. shortage of wedding favours.
8. couldn't find videographers since i don't have money!
9. my room's deck renovation + electrical stuff have not start yet.

There are other stuff as well, but it felt emo-wrecking to type. =_=
90% of the problems came from lack of money. Right now, i don't even have some to fill the fuel. *Sigh* Shit happens...

Oh my...where can i get money? T_T
Ya Allah...tolonglah hambamu yang daif ini!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Aku semakin GUMUKKKK!!!
Naik 4 kilo! D:


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mission : Place & Invitation Card

All right...
The place for the reception has been confirmed. :)
That was quite a release...phew!
Well, even though i heard lots of complaints about the place e.g. "You get what you paid", i do HOPE for the best for my big day. InsyaAllah...

Included in the package was invitation cards...i initially wanted to DIY the cards myself, but since they came in free so i just picked the most descent one that i can find in the *free template* section from Banana Greetings. In black colour card with silver hot stamping...the usual, anywhere-you-can-find invitation card in Malaysia i must say. :/

Right now i'm still looking for cheaper cards for my Solemnization Day.
Yes,the DIY mission is still on the radar, but grandma and mom wanted things that easily being produced a.k.a. you just pay and wait. So what should i do? i wanted things to be out right without spending more money. *sigh*

Anyway, i just got back from watching 'The Expendables' and before that, i visited Shafiq's mom at the Cancer Unit in Sarawak General Hospital. i really hope that she'll be fine soon!
And the movie was AWESOME!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Place Hunting

Mom took 2 days off from work just to settle some stuff and accompanied me to search for reception hall/banquet.

Ann promoted me to one of her friend's wedding package; place located at the new food court/KFC at Demak Jaya area, food pricing per pax was good at RM12.50, including free Pelamin (Wedding Dais), P.A. system, and karaoke.

So we went to see the person-in-charge/owner this morning. He explained that the RM12.50 per pax promotion is over because of the goods' high price and they barely can get profits with that promotion price. So they offered RM14 per pax.
The place itself was kinda empty and dull as the daughter said it's still under renovation process for Ramadhan Buka Puasa restaurant. So i can't say much or visualise how the place look like when it's fully furnished for a wedding reception.
Right now just waiting for Ann to post up some pics for me and mom to see. :)
The owner's daughter will contact me tomorrow (i mean later today xD) to explain more stuff.

Another place that we went to was the Penview Hotel. They have this RM200 per table Malay Wedding promotion including the MC, P.A. system, karaoke, kompang, dummy cake, invitation cards, complimentary room, etc... Quite higher than the first package, but somehow if you add up everything, it's kinda worth it. But then, i need to find people to do my wedding dais. Let say, wedding dais for RM1.5k (no more budget for higher than that.T_T). Other than that, there were some bad issues regarding the banquet services as per told by my friends who attended the functions there every year (i don't know much since i only been there once for David's wedding!), so i told the manager about it. He apologized and agreed that there have been some problems with that since some of the workers are part-timers and amateurs. He said that he will try to overcome the matters. And i jokingly said that i will invite him to my reception so he can watch over the banquet staff. :P Mom too, agree that this place is quite convenient in case my sister Mi~ya gotten tired sitting on the wheelchair, she can go back and rest at the hotel room. And we can prepare clothes and makeup before the event too!

Well, actually either one is okay. As long as it is comfortable, free from the rain, and fit the budget. :)

Gosh...the mosquitoes are killing me... gahhh!!!
i better sleep now! i have tomorrow's plan changing. We're supposed to go to the polyclinic for HIV test, and meeting up Yabuki's wedding dais planner. But me and Yabuki are going to drive to Lingga (near Sri Aman) for Nizam's wedding! XD

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Ring

Finally bought my wedding ring. :)

No, it's not my dream-wedding-ring though. Too bad. :/

Vivienne Westwood Mayfair ring - £205.00

Last week me and Yabuki made the decision to end our rings hunt and decided to buy from Habib Jewels The Spring; same place where we bought my Engagement Ring before. Of course, we picked up the Sales day. :P Ah, it's so hard to find black opal or onyx rings. There weren't any. :(

First, we went to choose for his wedding band...9k gold ones (suasa) as Muslim guys shouldn't be wearing higher percentage of gold in any jewellery. Well, since few past months, i was eyeing on this certain ring which i called 'Transformers' ring (i don't know why i named it that), it has nice designer touch, but there's no smaller size for Yabuki's finger. So dayuumm!! lol.
So, ader la...have to pejam mata pilih, picked on of the latest design, simple and have small diamond in the centre. There were 55% discount, so i got his for below RM1k. :)
Takpe busyukkk! Mun ada rezeki, kelak 'upgrade' for anniversary, okeh? ♥

Then, my turn pulak. The sales promoter terus pilihkan. Actually i wanted a wedding band that compliments with my Engagement ring if worn together, but, too expensive since wedding band would look nice if there's a lot of diamonds on it. A plain wedding band with no diamonds will make orang tua madah, "gila juak kedekut laki nya tok merik cincin kosong!". So yeah. :/
Ada la a few nice kerawang-kerawang type diamond rings - definitely me and makcik-makcik will love them, but the promoter said that for wedding, it would be a good investment and special if we buy certified diamond + different white gold casing. Made sense yeah, but no kerawang for me. Cuz the ring is just simple, and almost look alike with my engagement ring but more shinier. LOL.

Well, the ring + casing is quite over the budget, but Yabuki asked, "You want that? Ambiklah!", and i was like, "Biar benar miak tok? O_O", and he looked convincing enough, so i took it. Luckily got discount. i don't think i'd be able to get it with the real price. XD

Nya sik puas ati sik dpt nangga nombor dlm diamond ya.

So yeah...very out of my Rock/Gothic taste actually, but quite pretty princessy feeling to it. Hehe.

Here's my ring:

Kehkehkeh~~ just a teaser! Over exposed from my cam-phone. ^^;;

Anyway, of the hunt already over, so next hunt please!