Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Married!

Hello readers!

Alhamdulillah...the solemnization has been done well and i'm officially Yabuki's wife. :)
There were lots of bad things happened, but luckily i have the best people and fiancé (now husband lol) to help me to get through the rough times.

The akad nikah was "LOL" and sweet. Yabuki had to get through it by 3 times due to nervous. :P
Can you imagine the groom trying to menikahkan the tok kadi back? Hahaha! XD However, we had a great time. ^^ i wonder who get the whole process in video. Hmm...

Here are the 'rundown' of what happened:

  • The arranged bridal company did not contact or follow up regarding the pelamin
  • Passport drama
  • My baju nikah came in late but it is amazingly beautiful!
  • Found out that my Keringkam selayah clashes (benang silver keras) with my baju nikah (chiffon) - habis berbulu my baju kena tarik dek benang!
  • The hand bouquet is quite expensive. And most of my favourite flowers already been sold out. T_T But good thing is, it is very pretty!
  • The pelamin people contacted me. Asked them at what time they'll come but never get the response. Janji tengahari but malam baru datang. And they did not want to make the pelamin according to the area that i want, and never discussed what design i really want.
  • i love the Satok's Mita Cake House's mini cupcakes and the staff or boss (chinese girl, short hair, using glasses)! XD And screw the Petra Jaya (near Heritage restaurant)'s Mita Cake House. The staff was rude and can't negotiate at all.
  • Hujan gila-gila lebat!!! Especially on the day before my nikah. There were lightning, blackout, and storms. The elders started to gossip-gossip saying it's a bad omen. They even asked me to get my something-worn to be thrown up to the rooftop to avoid rain (old superstitious petua).
  • Went to buy STAGE makeup because they have this buy one free one promotion. XD Then i get to have their free makeup and use it for my berlulut session.
  • Due to the heavy rain and heavy wind, my house's roof were blown out (the event was actually at grandma's house) and the rain was pouring in. The flood was below knee according to my dad and TV, laundry dryer machine, printer, and etc were damaged.
  • Crap! i forgot most of my props for the berlulut session. And the pelamin people who supposed to help me with the costumes and accessories could not make it. FUCK. Anyway, i just model out my Yukata (without geta), Saree (without inner shirt and just used sister's baju tido top), and Shiro Lolita.
  • The bangku bantal for akad nikah (pillow seat where the bride and groom sit) were UGLY. These were provided by the bridal company who made my pelamin. i had to buy extra cloth and Ann & Bang Rizal helped to modify the seat.
  • The pelamin was big...located very near to the front door. It's hard to take pictures without having wide angle lens. Design wise - look ok inside the pictures, but if you see it in front with your is ugly. Bad construction, dented wood, the 'kerawang' bergoyang-goyang and jatuh everytime, the lighting didn't work, the flowers are so cheap and ugly looking, the sofa seat is dirty and i have to borrow sheep fur rug from Yabuki's aunt to cover it.
  • Same day, i found out that my makeup artist can't be contacted. He FFK me!!! FUCK!
  • Ann helped me to find another makeup artist which i have to go for my makeup at 6 am at his shop because he also have other brides to make up. Amen for that!
  • Anyway, i love my henna design! Asked for feminine + tribal design. XD But it won't stay long... :(

Hmm...i only manage to say all those for now. Maybe next time to tell out the details.
Please avoid the bridal company. =_=
Thinking about them really made me wanna puke. URGH.

Friday, October 8, 2010

2 days left...

Yesterday was very 'heck'tic...

First just want to wish my parents a Happy 27th Anniversary and to my sister Fyka, Happy 24th Birthday!

Salam takziah to Shafiq's mom who passed away on 5th October at 2:00 am because of liver cancer. May Allah bless Aunt Zahrah...she was a great person and a very understanding mother.

Okay, back to updates....
First, the solemnization pelamin. As my previous post stated that the pelamin person did not answer my calls, then i received his sms saying that he'll go to meet us in the 6th October afternoon. But again, he didn't arrive on time where he actually showed up at 9pm.
He called me up saying that my proposed location to put pelamin is not good because he said they need to take off the chandelier to be replaced with theirs (malas case?). i can't really say anything because i wasn't there. So i just have to say "whatever that fits the pelamin and the place and also how people are going to sit and mingle around in the area". Mom and grandma are not helping because they just say "apa-apa la...".
Then, Fyka said they'll come again tomorrow morning (7th October).

i had some passport-making drama as well...had to rush here and there.

Errghhh...i'm very stressed!!! i can sense more 'ugly' things to come! D: *BRIDEZILLA*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

*Sings* Uh-Oh! I'm in trouble!

The pelamin person for my Nikah did not pick up my phone calls.
He promised that he'll come over to look at the place but he didn't.
Like hell, why he never answer my calls and my grandma's?
Grandma was waiting for him the whole day yesterday. And today is going to be the last day; if he still not coming over, then we have to switch plan.
That was weird though...most of friends give good credits to him. :/
Was it because 'sama kampung' label made him feel, "sik hal bah...user user..."?

i feel bad for Nasa though. i called him over and talked about this matter and asked whether he can help to design my pelamin in the very last minute. He was kinda worried as in the Bridal industry, if you jadi 'tukang menyambut' kerja plan B, kelak pandey jadi berkelai between their friends. So he needed a confirmation from me and that person. troublesome...and devastating...=_=
Brapa hari gik tok...

Anyway, Congratulations to everyone who graduated yesterday!
Finally i've been able to walk on the stage with a Bachelor Degree in hand!

Salam Takziah kepada Shafiq atas pemergian ibunda tercinta... ;_;

Monday, October 4, 2010

Whoaaa!! 5 days left!

Can't really sleep these few days! D:
Panic maybe?

Yesterday had a small fight regarding the quilt cover. Darn it's hard to get the colour and design according to the theme we want. Or if the stores have them, they don't sell the cover separately. And most of the designs that i like were out of stock for King size. Well, i have a Queen sized bed, but bought the King size quilt so that it will fall nicely on the bed.
Oh darn Aussino! Please stock up your store!

In the end, we bought the AKEMI set...which do have our theme colours...but...i don't need the fitted sheet. And design wise...urgh...messy...with flowers. *shudders*
Price-wise is okay because it supposed to be RM700+ but discounted to RM200+ because the design was soooooooooo last season. Now i need to buy Red coloured pillow shams.

Oh! Before that, we went to do facial for Yabuki. Went to try for Tribal Remedy. Mom loves that place. She likes pretty and clean place. The massage & reflexology are quite good. But was not sure how the facial goes...i know that i don't really like the manicure + pedicure there. Quite itchy afterwards.
Ah, here it goes..Yabuki took the facial treatment, and i took the Eye treatment.
Both of us just lying on the massage bed thingy, the staff put machine and put electrical current on my eyes. @_@ Then Yabuki's turn for facial... i heard the staff said, "Wah! Banyak pimple hor?" My opinion was...of course lah banyak! People won't go for facial if they don't have any pimple. LOL. Can't really remember how long we stayed there...But the result...i don't know much if there is any differences to my panda eyes, and Yabuki's face still have lots of pimples untouched and unpoked. =___=
OK...don't go there for facial. Massage...yes.

Baibai! :D

p/s: Rushing for Convocation rehearsal today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

FAILED - Mission to make Macarons.

Attemp to make macaron has failed. LOL.

Even though the ingredients to make Macarons are just 4, but as the saying about macaron that i found online; "If it ain't fussy, it ain't Macaron".

But for sure, it's my fault as well...
First, i don't have the 'icing' tip, second i'm short of 10g Almond grounds ( i don't know if this really make differences), third i'm using gel type food colour which made the meringue very heavy and wet even though i hardly put any - just a small dot from the fork. And the most failed fault was...i forgot to put powdered sugar into the meringue + almonds + Aqua colour!

GAHHHH!!! x___x

However, i just baked it according to Tartelette's tutorial here...
But i'm not sure whether the oven i'm using is convection or regular ones...and instead of Fahrenheit, i'm converting it to Celsius using this site.

1st attempt - 130°C, 18mins. using 'api bawah' first , then change to 'api atas'. The result, bau yg sedap (lol), it breaks easily, a bit orangey colour on top (almost hangus), the inside is very soft. The taste is chewy, super sweet and 'nuts-ish'. i never tried macarons before, so no idea about that.

2nd attempt - 140°C, 20 mins. Using api atas & bawah. The result...hangus/burnt...Hahahaha!!

3rd attempt - 130°C, 20 mins. Using api bawah first for a while, change to api atas, then change to api bawah again. Can see the 'feet'!! XDDD However, after 15 mins or so, can see the below hangus. Then i have to stop it before everything hangus. Taste wise, better than the first! Crunchy, but hangus taste abit...and the colour is orangey and not Blue anymore. ;_;

4th attempt - 100°C, 17 mins, Using api bawah for first 10 mins, change to 70°C then change to api atas for next 7 mins. Again, almost hangus, but better than the 3rd attempt.

My question now...should macaron shells tastes soft or crunchy?
Sigh...i really dunno how. :/
Maybe will try again next time.

p/s: Oh no! i think i'm allergic to nuts! D: