Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Together Anniversary, and Birthday!!!

Lots of 'Happy' things fall on October. :P

First, my parent's 28th Wedding Anniversary and my sister's 25th Birthday which fall on 7th October.

Then, my 1st Wedding Anniversary on 10th October.

After that, his 30th Birthday and our 9th Couple-Together Anniversary.

Ha! Talk about celebrations? No we didn't do anything. Bleh~

But, Happy Happy everyone!

p/s: Happy Belated Birthday to Puan Ztie jugak! XD

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to all Hindus and happy holiday!

My Berlulut session in Indian Saree.
Raw photograph by Zahir Alauddin.
Edited by me.

Well...sadly we're in Sarawak didn't get any public holiday for Deepavali. Husband still working. But it's okay. ^^ At least everyone all together in Malaysia wishes all the joy in this festival of lights!

Anyway, yesterday i was browsing Zahir's Flickr...such an amazing gallery... D: He was my official photographer since my Engagement till my Solemnization. Found two of my pictures inside...hurr...hurr.... XD

QUEEN of the day

My Akad Nikah.
My husband said i looked like an alien with heavy make-up on. ;_;


Love the crazy depth of field! 

Check out my friend's awesome photo gallery in Flickr here! ^^

p/s: Dang i wish my nose is more 'mancung'. :/

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hantaran Pertunangan - from her -

Assalammualaikum and Good morning!
It's such a cold, dark, and rainy morning today. i really hope that later in the evening it won't be raining at all because i'm going back to Sibu by MASWings. ^^;;;;
i still haven't finish packing up...oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! >_<
i hope i won't forget anything... D:

Anyway, let's continue on to my Engagement gifts to my husband in last 5th July 2009. ^^
All of the hantaran decoration and ideas are solely made by myself with the theme of Black, White, & hint of Pink. i reallllllyyyyy looovvvveeeeee making all of these! Lots of DIY; spraying, sewing, cut, paste, gluing, stringing, etc... Thank you so much to my Grandma for helping me to string some of the crystals and sew them onto the 'Kain dulang'.

Valentino Rudy Working Shirt, Valentino Rudy Pants, and  Armani tie & cuffs.

Custom-made Baju Melayu suit with embroidery with matching Terengganu Songket and cuffs. 

Sean John Unforgivable Perfume set.

Custom-made Baju Melayu suit with embroidery with matching Terengganu Songket and cuffs. 
(Worn for Akad Nikah)

Fresh Fruits from farm.
See the colours? No photoshop cuz they're very fresh!

Valentino Rudy shoes.

LAB SERIES skincare set.

Fresh Strawberries! They're super biggggg!!!
They're just bought also on that very early morning. 
i feel so jealous... <_<
Since this one is last minute punya gift, i just used my grandma's small aquarium. lol.

Al-Quran, Songkok and Tasbih.

Extra big Kek Lapis Sarawak Cheese made by my aunt.

Kek Lapis Sarawak. 
i'm not sure how it look inside, i just put the box inside the cage.

Favourite chocolate of his.
By this time, look so empty right? 
Then suddenly another family of mine brought a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher!
I'm sure it's for me, but since the hantaran looks empty, so i put it inside.

This is how it look like with the bouquet. 
Bouquet courtesy of Nek Nah's family.
Thanks to Mann for the picture.

Biiiiiigggggg Watermelon from our own farm.

And how it look like in the ceremony after my sister got bored. xD
Credits to Mann for this pic.

Towel with decoration courtesy from Nek Tuyah's family.

Kain Sarong Pelikat with decoration courtesy from Nek Tuyah's family.

Follow Me hamper set courtesy from Anjang Mordiah's family.

Again, credits to Zahir for the raw pictures. i just edited the pictures by using PhotoScape. Too simple till i really missed my Photoshop. ^^;;
Alright...time to continue pack my stuff! It's almost 10 a.m. now...@_@

His hantaran can be found here. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hantaran Pertunangan - from him -

It's been a very long time since i promised to upload the pictures from my Engagement day in 2009. Hontouni gomenasai! u_u;; These are the pictures of the Engagement gifts from my husband. :) Credits to Zahir for the pics.

Half of the dowry, Engagement Ring and RM70 "Buka Mulut"

My favourite Versace Signature perfume set.

Telekung and Sejadah.

COACH Art OP bag and Charles&Keith shoes.


Custom-made Designer Modern Baju Kurung. 

Custom-made Designer Modern Baju Kurung. 

Bodyshop Skincare set.

The Sirih Junjung.

My hantaran can be found here. :)

Hahahaha!!! 96% macam Beyonce??

It's an old generator, i know...Was it popular since the Friendster era? From before i always got Ueto Aya, Matsuura Aya, Joey, and Jang Nara. But today, since i think i look kinda matured *sigh - 27 y/o now*, so i decided to check out my celebrity look alikes. And...the result is as below:

I'm seriously laughing right now. Thank you my Heritage! :P



Always, when in the mood of blogging...bila bukak je new post, tiba-tiba otak boleh jadi blank. Tak tau how to start...That's what happened to me; the reason why i tak update my blog.

Yea...semenjak dah kahwin ni, ramai yang cakap aku dah gemuk. Gemuk ke? Sort of i think...but korang tak pernah tau kot yang i used to be fat when i was little. Hehe! But rasanya my weigh now is average for my height, rather than what i used to be after i finished my SPM! Putus cinta sampai kurus kering...makan banyak but weight around 43kg je. Even my husband cakap aku dulu macam tiang. Takde shape langsung. Sekarang bila badan naik sikit komplen pulak. Cis...cermin dulu cik abang oi~! Awak pun makin comel skarang! :P

But, weight memang ideal for my height dari segi medical.
Nak check BMI calculation, boleh pegi sini, and for Ideal Weight calculation, kat sini.
Kalau yang complain-complain tu...saja je sebab ladies thoughts memang kalau boleh nak jadi lebih kurus but with great 'asset'. Bukan apa kan? Kalau boleh nak husband asyik pandang kita je. :D

Anyway, bila dah tembam sikit, orang pun banyak yang tanya, "Dah berisi ke?". Isi? Alamak...lemak je lah Aunty! Tu jawapan masa mula-mula dulu...Then jawapan bertukar plak..."Belum ada rezeki..."
Sekarang, aku betul-betul stress...tukar plak jawapan to "Aminnnn....InsyaAllah...doakan lah ye?". Ha...lebih positif...

Alahai...semakin jealous bila Mama_Nabihah called me up and told me that she's pregnant with second child. Alhamdulillah and Congratulations mem!!! My another friend, Ann too, waiting for her first child to deliver any soon. So happy!!! :DDD