Friday, November 26, 2010


Hmm....esok & lusa is the Big Day!

Good News:
  • Wandy is going to lent me his mini instax camera!
  • Shafiq chia me my cake deco-for-sure-it's-not-fondant-or-pas-tillage at Hilton.
  • The pelamin for Yabuki's reception already being installed.

Bad news:
  • Don't think i have enough time to alter my dress. ;_;
  • Ribbon for the wedding favours sik cukup.
  • Slideshow belom polah as Lance baruk siap editing last night.
  • 2 of my headdress also belum polah.
  • Face veil belum siap.
  • Jubah Yabuki pun no news from Teeyah
  • Yabuki's head gear sik tauk apa cita.

What to do today:
  • Beli ribbon
  • Pasang pelamin at 12pm
  • Wandy sending the mini instax 7s & film today
  • Photobooth installation
  • Pick up the 1st hand bouquet & pay
  • Going for facial & hot stone massage at KANEBO
  • Polah slideshow
  • Hantar possible songs to play in the wedding

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yea yea! Otakku semakin cramped.

Too many things that haven't been done.
Padan muka...sapa suroh mok jadi superman.
But then, if you think back, i've got no choice.
Some people if they don't want to spend more on money, they can rely on their siblings, or makcik-makcik. And on the opposite way, people malas want to be busy, they just can hire a wedding planner.

And i have...neither of those...
Berbekalkan keringat dan tulang empat kerat tok lah...berganding bahu bersama Zati sambil Pikah menolong skali...mek orang terpaksa berkerja keras. Huhuhu~~~
Tapi paling kesian ngan aku lah...

Table arrangement still belom siap.
Nasa sik contact2 aku...madah mok jumpa pasya sekda bunyi gik. Gik busy nya kali...*be positive jak la*
Bapak ku pegi Penang...Mak ada kursus...Zati, Anas & Shafiq bekerja...
Pikah gago jaga pusak sakit...Dedek ada kursus astronomi.... HUWARRGHHH~!!! Stress ehhh!!!

Sabar Videl sabar...tarit napas...istirgfar banyak-banyak...

Giney tok owh...

Things that haven't been done/finished:
  • Headpieces duak2 lom siap...
  • Jubah Yabuki lom dipolah...
  • Baju lom alter...
  • Wedding favours lom abis bungkus and hias.
  • Props photobooth lom siap
  • Seating arrangement
  • Table arrangement
  • Performance arrangements
  • Slideshow
But Alhamdulillah...deco for bunga telur dah siap. Arigatou Zati!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 days before the big day (Persandingan)!

i can't sleep well! The things about the planning, what-to-dos, and nightmares jumbled up in my head! Argh! DX
Last week aku dah polah facial, but it seems like all of them appear again. Ne aku nak ngoleh duit pakey polah facial lagik tok...

Hmm...what to do today...

  1. Jumpa Idaman Rahim
  2. Pegi CINDY Matang Jaya - carik millinery netting, head band
  3. Pegi Kenyalang - beli reben, stretchable lace, carik millinery netting, beli apa2 for face veil
  4. Pegi India Street - cari selendang, headscarf lace, brooch, reben
  5. Jumpa Nasa to finalise the pelamin design

Hmm...can't think of anything else... :/
i need someone to teman me because i feel nauseous. Stress...=_=

Budget? Hopefully can get everything under RM100.

Right now i'm making the face veil by using diamente and super glue. No idea how strong and how long the glue to hold the metal together. Ganbarimasu~! Aja!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation Pt. 3!

Tenses piling up. LOL.

Yesterday we did a small post-wedding photoshoot based on the 1950's Vintage theme.
i don't know how it will turn out though...just wait for the photographer. :)
But i do hope that i can get some of the pics to be included in my wedding picture slideshow.

And hopefully can do more photoshoot with other themes and styles in my head. XD
But it's just that Yabuki doesn't have time to go back and forth to Kuching...and...the time is running out! Our receptions will be on next weekend!

So now...onto the things that need to be done.

1. Birdcage veil
  • Supposed to buy on ebay but my debit card died.
  • Then changed mind and wanted to rent from the Manja. But then, he ran off/FFK a day before my actual day.
  • Panic.
  • Contacted the seller on ebay, but she insisted saying that USPS does not guarantee a fast delivery to Malaysia even though if i pay $42 for it. Agree...USPS sucks anyway. Most of my things didn't show up last time.
  • Have to hunt for any *good* netting available in Kuching. GARRRR!!!
  • Remembered that in CINDY, they sell this vintage hat with millinery netting. Went there this noon, but it's fucking RM70! And very dusty with glue residue everywhere! Last time it was only RM30!!! The staff helped to ask the boss, and the boss only can sell it for RM60 the lowest. Crap... i just wanted the netting!
Dilemma: Should i buy it or not?

2. Arabian headdress and face veil

  • Wanted the headdress to look like Gypsies veil; saw a few time Siti Nurhaliza wearing it. LOL. But how to make one? i tried to put selendang and cover half of my head and it slipped off...T_T
  • For the face veil, i bought Diamante strands and hopefully it will be something nice. ;_; Most of the people use chiffon to cover their face so i want something more different. Boleh kah? :P
Dilemma: Need help in advice!

3. Arabian headgear for men

  • This part really make me pening! Most of the people will think that Arabian headgear is usually macam Pak Arab Saudi. But since Yabuki descended from Hadratul-maut, the headgear is sort of look like serban yang sheikh-sheikh slalu guna. Argh! Entahlah! Totally no clue! Dulu ingatkan just want to use Tarbus je...tapi nampak macam 3 abdul! Hahaha! Betol lah ya...Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rahman, Abdul tambah bapak mertua ku! Jadi 4 Abdul! Abdul Haddy! XD
Dilemma: Need help in advice!

4. Bridal Bouquet

  • Haha! Ada lagik masalah tok. Due to super busy days, sik sempat to order earlier. Adoi... another thing, i don't know whether they can get me any Calla lilies in deep red or burgundy colour! Hmmm...
  • Besides from Orchid garden shop, where else can i get cheap price for fresh flowers?
  • Should i just ask the shop to make the bouquet for me or i just buy the flowers and arrange the bouquet myself? It's easy (i think) but do i have time to do so? D: But if let say just leave it to the shop, seriously i'm in a tight budget.

5. Outfit for her

  • Both of my outfits dah siap...i really like my abaya kaftan! outer't's a bit different from what i asked...i asked for black pearls and i did show to the designer that the black pearls supposed to be greyish colour. Not the really black colour. Lagi cantik if ada burgundy colour kat atas baju tu. The price is also beyond my asked price. Aku sik tauk nak ngorek duit siney...SERIOUS! Rasa nyesal pun ada...
  • The belt...pun terlampau kecik. Aku terpaksa polah baru, or buy additional cloth for the bow. And belt burgundy pun lom carik...should i just use ribbon or buy cloth and tailor it? Ribbon nang senang, but nampak cam madot jak. Or...sik boh makey burgundy ribbon...just carik brooch yang ada batu kaler burgundy. MUN ADA lah. Siney mok carik??
  • My outer dress is...menggelebeh...The cutting tiba-tiba jadi besar! Ka aku dah kurus? Haha! My inner dress pun bahagian boobs ya besar after the designer bukak the seams inside to make it one inch bigger. Bahagian perut ok lah, cuz at least i can sit comfortably. It's just the chest part...very loose. Should i alter it back?
6. Outfit for him

  • Wo...susahnya nak carik baju nya tok...
  • Tailor made a black tux shirt at Krabi...however...they did not know how to make one. It turns out miserably weird...and too simple. The collar is not cute.
  • No... i can't fork out money to tailor made another one. And no time.
  • The bridal shop only have M sized shirt and it is quite large on Yabuki. And no black colour.
  • The necktie! The bridal shop doesn't have any descent burgundy colour...The one that we rent was so...crooked. =_=
  • His Arabian outer bisht is currently in process...i think. But i made a mistake by choosing Satin for the material. OH NO! Semua duit punya pasal. Sebab mok murah tek nak? But when i think back...Satin material easily wrinkled and look costumey! AARRGGHHH!!
  • Arabian...pakey kasut apa? LOL.
7. Bunga telur
  • Tengah ikat reben with Zati... huhuhu~
  • Rebus telur on 26th & attach them to the bunga telur sekali.
  • Bring them to the hotel and arrange on the pahar.
  • In-charge by Zati.
8. Wedding favours

  • Bought benang kait as a cheaper alternative to ribbon. Ribbons in Kuching are expensive. =_= Imagine, a 45 cents ribbon in KL to be compared with the same ribbon in Kuching but with RM4.90 price. Gila...
  • Mom said "sik kacak...nampak murah." i replied, "iboh pandey komplen jak. dah nya sekda duit, polah cara sekda duit.". *bridezilla mode ON* D:
  • Aku rasa ok jak rupa nya diberik benang kait ya...orang puteh pun makey kedak tok juak bah.

Rasanya tok jak benda yg aku dpt pikir buat masa tok. Will update on this on the next post. :)
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Mubarak!

Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to everyone~! :D

i'm spending my raya without my beloved hubbie...*sobs*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation Pt. 2!

Hooooo boyyyy~!!
New tense is coming up!
With the bad timings when all of my cats are infected with the 'Cat Flu', and one of my cats, Seiji died today.

This cat flu is dangerous! The cats are having fever, puke all over the places, difficulties in breathing, non-stop mucus & flowing saliva. Kuning & Putih are still infected, Bunga is recovering, Tot is getting the high temperature again, and my sister's and my pocket are getting emptier...;____;

Talk about the preparation for the first Reception...
i managed to give most of the invitation cards to my friends. Ada juak yang sekda di rumah. Sampey terlambat masok session karaoke with Izzati & Achie. Haha!

Now i am still trying to figure out the table names & arrangements. The manager of the hotel asked me to discuss with Nasa (pelamin person) about the table arrangements and the red carpet. think back...i only asked for Nasa to create my pelamin only...So i don't know if he will help with the decoration and stuff. @_@ *sms nasa*

*stares at the clock* i have an appointment at 4:30 pm for my facial treatment. It's been a long time i haven't do mine since 9th October. Seriously very pokai as facial treatment can be very expensive. OH CRAP! i haven't check whether i have enough money in my wallet or not!!!
Harap-harap enough la. Or else i better go now to get some money from the ATM.

OK, here's the Work-list for my bridesmaid:

Fika, Izzati, & Dedek:-
  • Jaga photobooth
  • Sediakan props and technical things
  • Sediakan Guestbook

Anastasia & Swing:-
  • Videotaping Guests' wishes. :D
  • Making the placards
  • Atur the wedding favours

i think i need to recruit more help for this. Anyone? D:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mission : Receptions preparation!

Just got back from Sibu. :)
Yeah, been to Sibu *first time* following Mr. Husband on last 31st October. And there i get to see our new home somewhere near at the city centre. Sorry, i forgot to take the pictures. LOL.
It is very old with oriental touch and look great with black and red accents!
Too bad, Yabuki is not really into decorating the house as he is not sure whether we will be 'stuck' in Sibu forever or not. Besides, the renting is quite high for us currently as we really need more income to support our life after our marriage.

Ah, anyway... i'm back in Kuching just for the preparation for the incoming receptions.
But my birthday is coming soon, and it falls on Monday which either i have to go back to Sibu to celebrate with my husband, or just stay in Kuching and wait for him to come back on the weekend.

Back to the topic...
Tonight will be our (me, Shafiq, Zati and Anastasia) first day to meet up for our dance practice. Yeah...wish us luck as i never involved with dancing things before and remind you...i'm very 'kayu'. But for the sake of once in a lifetime to have fun in own wedding, i got to make it right. XD
So, Anastasia will be in charged with the choreograph, and i already done editing the song.
i really hope we can survive with the 1 minute and 50 seconds dance, without having the guests to look weirdly-stunned. *gulps*

Kak Ma called me up to say that she have sent my inner dress today in case i'm having a post-wedding photoshoot this weekend. And i asked her to alter the size one inch bigger because i merely can't sit comfortably with the tight dress. ;_; Yeah...i'm getting chubbier...with extra want some! i give you freeeeee~!!!!

So yeah, hope to see you tonight Zati~!!