Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KL Mission 01 - Wedding shopping

Salam readers!

Will be leaving at 10:40 am, ROGER!

Mea & GK, sila tunggu daku! Hahaha~~~!

Credit to: VG from Graphic Leftovers

i won't be bringing my laptop together, hopefully can borrow Yabuki's laptop.
Need to update Poupee & Social City. haha!

Aku tak boleh tido since last night. @_@ Biasala...everytime nak fly memang takleh tido.
Baju yg aku nak bawak sikit, tapi kenapa beg berat?
i'm bringing my unfinished wedding dress together, but i wonder how to move around KL with that. =_= Yabuki suggested to take a picture of it, but macam susah nak match Lace materials kalau just bringing picture. Mana beg fukubukuro SexPotRevenge ku dikala ku memerlukanmuuuuuu???? >_<

i invited Mea & GK to stay over with us, since the suite is big. :D
We got great deal from the PNB MSAM'10 last week. ^^
Too bad kitorang tak sempat nak hantar the harian & grand peraduan. ;_;
We believed that all of our answers are correct. But apa boleh buat...terlampau ramai manusia....@____________________@ sesak nafasku...

Ok, i better go now. Nak pegi mandi, then kemas toiletries. Nak bertolak ke Kuching airport dalam pukul 8:30am. Wish me a safe flight and journey, go and back. ^^
Mata ne! :D

p/s: Tadi sebelum mak aku pegi keja, aku dah siap2 standby nak nya sik melalek aku kotan bergaut gilak. Ku kepong nya juak di luar gate, aku gik kenak anok. =_= ya baruk pengempang. anak nak salam pegi KL pun sik maok. pelek perange orang tua ya.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yeehaaaa!! Mid-term break is here~!!!!

The mid semester break is finally here...well, usually i won't be doing anything though, even some of the clubs are organizing trips and etc... SAMS & PDC too... ;_;
Wanted to go but i have to SAVE money for my trip to Kuala Lumpur on 28th April. ^^
Well, not actually a's more like a hunt...another MISSION for my

i plan to get my bedroom set at IKEA, however, the cargo person said that they only accept 4'x 4' stuff only. i don't think i can sumbat masuk a Queen-sized bed and a wardrobe inside the container. -_-'' And oh! The fee for the cargo is...RM950. *faints* Well, if they can squeeze in the bed and other more-that-4' height stuff inside, i'd be happy to pay that amount because it's still cheaper than buying bedroom set here.
So, after a long talk with Mr. Fiance...we have to agree that we need to fork out extra budget to buy a bedroom set in Kuching. :/ Sigh...the Aneboda set from IKEA is darn cheap and simple and nice! ;_;

Hmm...what else...
Yabuki's mom adviced us to go to Nilai 3. But me and Yabuki have no idea on how to go there. D: Okay...we can go there by train, but after we bought stuff? @_@ i wonder if we can stuff in the things inside a travelling back pack. lol.

As for a place to stay, i'd say...i'll go to Noble Hotel at Jalan TAR.
Most people will ask, why there? o_O Because it's easier to find wedding stuff there. xD In front of the entrance, there is Semua House, and most of the roads will lead you to Jakel, SSF, KK Deco, Sogo, and etc. XD Lagipun...banyak kuciiiinngggg (and tikus)!!! Aku pernah hantar email to that hotel, cuz the room rate usually come with breakfast for 2, so aku tanya rate for without breakfast ada ka? Depa reply takde. Hish...So i still have to pay RM120 for a night. Rasa a bit membazir cuz aku sorang je dalam bilik tu and aku jarang makan pagi awal. Yabuki pulak stay kat bilik will have free breakfast for 4 people. Ha...sapa nak join awal-awal pagi for breakfast? xD

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Budget oh Budget!

Meetings between my parent and his about our wedding date has been done last week; the reception will take place on the 27th & 28th November, whilst the solemnization probably either on 10th October or 26th November, depending on the availability of the Kadhi.

At some point, even though i dreamt of getting married on 10/10/10, there's a voice inside of me having second thought. Most of it triggered by the scariest topic feared by most of the brides and grooms...BUDGET.

Sure, some of my friends asked me why am i so stressed out? My parents should 'sponsor' my weddings and stuff according to them. Most of the parents have their 'Children's Wedding Funds' kept for the future. But for my case, my parents did not really 100% prepared for this. LOL. As they always think that their daughters won't leave them one day. Sweet but that's not how it goes in reality, ne? ^^;;
i won't really blame them, my family is not rich, too many burdens and have to pay for what's important. Besides, for my youngest sister's medications already take thousands ringgit.

i'm part to blame. i'm still having my studies and not yet steadily working. i can only rely on my part-time job salary which only took like...once or twice in a year?
Tiba-tiba rasa nak postpone to next year. u___u;;;

Okay, now...
Let's see the rough spending list (for only the bride's side)...

1. Bedroom set including deco - My budget is around RM3500. My preferences: something all white, simple, contemporary or vintage-ish.

2. Mattress - Bought from MIVA (Jalan Elis). RM1799

3. Wedding favours - Got 2 in minds...Type A - pretty (like !@#@$$OMGSONICEEE!!!) & a bit pricey. Type B - Nice & price cheaper a bit (got promotion) than Type A. Both are actually the same thing, but in term of packaging, type A is more alluring. LOL. So, let just say, i take Type B (because of budget-wise), RM960. Not inclusive of postage.

4. Bride's Attire -
A) Nikah - i might be getting 2m nice plain (or lacey) materials. Budget: RM120 (ada ka? o_O;;)
B) Reception - Wedding dress RM500 (hooray for wedding expo!). Jacket/Outer: 4m lace materials, budget around RM250?
i'm not really sure about materials' price. @_@
C) Tailor's fee - Adoi...this one, pretty much would be expensive. Let say RM700.
D) Shoes? Err...this one...if possible i want to wear my Engagement Hantaran shoes, but too bad...i need a taller shoes with wedges/platform cuz i'm too short for my wedding dress. ;_; Price range...below RM100. Can't nego with this cuz i don't wear high heels much.

5. Groom's Wedding band - My budget...below than RM1k. Ala...cincin suasa je. :P
But i do have my own preferences too (banyak songeh betul aku ni)! i want a ring with Onyx stone. :)

Total: RM8929


Tu baru je 6 subjects! Not yet including the invitation cards, upah tok Kadi, catering, canopies, hall rent, pelamin (HAA!! PELAMIN NAK YANG MELETOP! Tapi DUIT TADAK!), make-up, tables & chairs, wedding cake, decorations, and other hidden costs!
*menangis tersedu-sedu* TAT

For sure, i have to find some cheaper (and nice) alternatives, DIY-ing, and tweak a lil bit here and there of my budget. i only have RM8k in hand. Yes, sound impossible...but InsyaAllah (if God's willing), everything will be fine. :)
Aja-aja fighting! XD BRIDEZILLA FAITO!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bridal Attire

Sorry guys! Keadaan agak busy, so sometimes malas nak update. i did try to update though, but kadang-kadang internet ader problem sampai the things i typed panjang berjela hilang terus!


*tergamam sekejap bila tertengok "Save Now" button dengan alt berbunyi "Draft autosaved at 10:33 pm".*





Memang dah ditetapkan, i'd go for all white on the Solemnization Day. :D
Nampak suci gitu. Huhuhuhuhu~~ *gelak sipu-sipu*

Kadang-kadang terpikir nak recycle balik baju yang aku pakai waktu majlis Engagement aku dulu sebab aku taknak membazir duit. Tapi...takut basi plak. =_=
Aku pun rasa regret sikit sbb suruh Kak Maa buat beadings kat selendang tu...Aku beli kat Jakel selendang chiffon putih ader beading putih sikit-sikit dalam harga RM270. Kalau beadings tambahan hari tu semua silver or white, aku boleh recycle balik, but ader beads hitam and pink sebab ikut tema Engagement tu. :X

Ha! Satu lagi! Kalau boleh, elakkan beli kain Chiffon ye! Terutama skali kat ladies yang agak tomboy macam saya. Takut koyak... Adui...takut sangat nak pakai balik baju tu! But then, aku plan nak pakai time aku graduate nanti. :) Beforehand, aku memang nak beli Classic Lolita dress ala Mary Magdalene punya style for that day.

Bila fikir-fikir balik...kesian kat baju tunang aku tu...aku pakai balik je la. Jimat sikit duit. Maybe i will re-use the skirt for my Nikah. :D

But since kain tu dah chiffon, aku tak tau nak pilih kain aper for the top. Lace? Pair it with corset? Sound nice, but terfikir pulak camne nak duduk guna corset? Tak semput ke wahai brides yang pernah pakai corset for Nikah? Hehehe~~
Kalau nak buat baju kurung modern yg tak guna corset, kena beli chiffon lagi la jawabnya...but...argh...susah lah... >_<

For reception, aku kena beli kain lace~
i bought a wedding dress at a Bridal Fair kat The Hills last month. Simple je. :D
But problem dier, it's not purely white and more Since my theme colour is Black & White, jadi aku kena design balik dress tu and add some white lace...and sleeves (sebab mak aku tak kasi seksi-seksi).

Tengok la nanti...this month aku akan serang KL~! Yeehaaaa!!! XD