Saturday, December 17, 2011 ~ You're making my heart melt!

 Assalammualaikum and Good day minna-san~!

After married, I've been eating 'regularly' till I gotten a bit... chubby. LOL. Therefore, I'm very particular in my outfit nowadays. I still can fit my old baby tee but they've been kinda snug-ish to me. I don't feel comfortable. :(

So then, I always look up for baggy but flamboyant and timeless piece of clothing (to hide that extra tyres). Hehehe! Therefore, one of my fave style would be Maxi dress!

Anyway, I've been lurking around this website for quite a while. Indeed such a heart melt! *drools* The gorgeous styles, fine materials, and the postage is free for anywhere in Malaysia! *___*
But...right now I can't spend anything yet since I'm jobless and need to keep my savings for my surgery, so I just share the goodness from . ^_^

My fave 'berangan' coordinate would be:

Polka Chiffon Maxi Dress
Green                                                   Light Pink

Either Green or Pink. Both are darlings! I love the green one, but the pink dress is super sweet!! 
Ya know~ tetiba teringin to dress up something girlish and manja on a date with husband.  
Oh my...feel so malu to say that, because I never dolled up myself for him except for jeans and shirt (and for Lolita gathering). I know he doesn't mind, but somehow I wish I can one day. :)

Bo Peep Cropped Top

Then for the outer layer, I love this white cropped top by MinkPink! The layers and scallops are adorable! It even have cute eyelets details at the hem. *kyaa!!* It is currently sold out on the website, but I hope ThePoplook will restock this design soon. ^^ 

And if you like something not see-through and longer, just pair up the chiffon maxi dress with white, nude or beige coloured cardigan. Or be bold with black blazer! :) 

Block Party Headband

Well, you can't leave your hair without this beauty! Simple yet feminine... *o* As I adore the accessories from Sereni & Shentel, ThePoplook also carry them in the website! This headband would perfectly match the Pink Chiffon Maxi dress and the white cropped top coordinate, don't you think? ^_^ Gotta find something with nude, beige or black if you're using those colours as the outer layer or accessories!

Ahhh~~~ I can only dream~~ *___*
Maybe I can achieve my dream one day. Teehee! :D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ducati Multistrada Borneo Experience - Day 4

28th November 2011.

That early morning not remembering that it was a holiday, I woke up to get ready my husband's work things. Luckily he asked, "What are you doing? Ironing my shirt on a holiday? o_O"

So yay!! We got the chance to see the flag-off session of the Ducati Multistrada Convoy! XD

Since it was a holiday, there were lots of parking space available. *winks*

On to the pictures!

At RH Hotel entrance.

A quick briefing session.

Spotted Chloe!

Pretty lady, representatives from SHELL and Dato'.

Doa and prayer for safety in the journey.

This Abang Macho from Kuching striked a pose. :D

His bike and helmet is so colourful and artistic!

I'll probably inside this van if I were joining the adventure. :P

And I managed to get the video of the flag-off too!
But they were shaky, so forgive me...I ain't no professional videographer. Only using mobile phone. ^^;;

Part 1 - The Preparation

Part 2 - The flag-off by YBhg. Dato' Tiong Thai King. 

Inside the videos, you can see Chloe and Nigel. Hehe. XD

That was a fun experience for me even though I didn't get to join the convoy. Hopefully we can get to see more Ducati events soon! ^_^

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Ducati Multistrada Borneo Experience - Day 3

It was on 27th November, and I was getting ready early to see the Convoy in action in Sibu! :D
Was told to meet up at Rafi Cafe at 8pm according to the itenary sent in my email, but I was there since 7.30pm. But there were nobody there. My husband only dropped me there and himself went to the PC Fair. *cicadas sound* Then I contacted Chloe & Sherrie as I was very "blur" about the situation. Then Chloe said to meet up in RH Hotel instead. So i guess the dinner location was changed to RH Hotel. i quickly called my husband to pick me up, and luckily there were NOTHING to see at the PC Fair Sibu so he can pick me up quickly. :P

Upon our arrival at RH Hotel, ahhhh!!! There were no more parking! Cars parked everywhere (See? Sarawak people are rich. LOL) including the illegal parking. Mr Husband, assuming that we will be attending the dinner quickly, has decided to park illegally. **DO NOT DO THIS. THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES AFTERWARD. PLEASE READ UNTIL FINISH**

Finally my husband and I met Chloe at the lobby. She's a very bubbly person. XD
Then, we went up to Level 3 for the dinner session. And on to the pics!

A sign at the elevator.

The front hall.

The hall was located at the pool side. :)

Fresh flowers! *_*

My food. Yea, only took a bit cause I already had mine at home.
Thought only having teh tarik at Rafi Cafe, but yeah, changed of plans. XD

The Stage.

Participants of the 10-days Borneo adventure!

Anybody recognise them? 
"Jangan biarkan hidup anda diselubungi... misteri" Okay, I just HAD to say that. xD

They were from TV3. 
The "Misteri Nusantara" Guy was actually talking to Chloe. 
Indeed funny moments that time. :P

Cake anyone?

Thank you so much RH Hotel!
Chloe and I get to bring back these lovelies!

Teehee! We get the chance to see the bikes personally.

The 'iPad' for Ducati. xD

Encik Nazrin Khan gave a briefing about the Multistrada 1200 to Chloe.
Cool lights! *_*

This is Monsterrrr!!! Me rikey!! *________*

Mr. Husband. So chibi... :P

Ah yeah...I know...inside his heart he probably said, "DAMN! My dream bike!"

Cool lower parts.

Chloe as the runaway bride. 

Men talk.


Cool 'clan' name. xD

The rim.

Chloe. :3

And time to get on the Multistrada. 
I just want to say my face is actually almost the same like the cartoon by this time.

After that 'private session', we bid goodbye to Chloe~~ ;_; Nice to meet you dear!

And...about the illegal parking...we got a Summon fine... T_______T
First time doing illegal parking, and already kena the 'unlucky' ticket. So people, DO NOT park illegally.
RM150 flew~~~ oTL Sayangi duit anda.

Okay, next post, Day 4 - The flag off to Bintulu!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ngerepak *Post yang byk random stuff*


Yarabbi...lamak sik berceloteh lam bahasa Sarawak di blog tok.
Actually menimbun jak benda nak di post, tapi nama nak penyakit malas tok susah nak dipadah. Hari tok tek bertungkus lumus juak ngedit gambar dari event Ducati ria. Sik gilak ku pandey makey menatang software Photoscape nak senang gilak ya, senang gilak sampey konpius. serius rindu ku ngan Adobe Photoshop. Of course banyak juak function yang xda lam Photoscape ya sampey ngerenyam rasa tangan nak ngerutis screen konon-konon nak 'ngeblur' ala-ala lukisan asli.

Now pasal life...hmm...banyak juak yang happened...good and bad. Apa yang aku takut, it's there.
i got mixed feelings whether mok blog kah sik...yang ku tauk, nak nangis susah, nak be happy pun susah. Molah muka poker face jak. Be SETERONG *sila tekankan 'r' anda* (strong) kata orang tua. Yang ku tauk aku rasa kesian ngan hubby aku. Mesti nya jadi blur juak cam aku. Dahlah tensen ngan kerja. Sikhal...anggap jak tok another dugaan dari Allah.

Apa yang aku boleh padah, aku perlu kerja pakey menjana pendapatan. Tapi for sure, aku x dapat kerja opis. I got my own reason, but after aku selesaikan *something* then InsyaAllah, aku akan kerja macam orang normal. *erk, aku tok tek xnormal?*

Yalah, aku tok suka berbisnes. Dah pateh dari kecik nangga nenek ku berkedei...copet gula batu, buku & pensel pasya jual di sekolah. Hehe~ Nenek ku nangga ada potensi, lalu nolong nya berjual kueh, biskut, etc.

Time aku gik study, aku tolong orang beli barang online. Charge? Sukati jak brapa kawan2 aku nak upah. Zaman dolok rami org sik brapa tauk nak beli brg online and xda credit card, so aku offer service aku.

Dalam time jadi suri rumah tok, aku berjual juak produk Ronasutra...Alhamdulillah aku suka ngan produk tok sebab sesuai ngan kulit muka. Then aku masok juak jadi Independent Consultant MaryKay which aku lom pernah jual anything sebab honestly barang ada mahal sikit and aku xda duit nak beli sample pakey demo. But maybe orang masih xtauk yang skincare nya sangat bagus. X hal~

Pasya, one of my dream nak bukak Boutique...right now pun aku start sikit-sikit. Jual baju kurung batik ekslusif. Semua duit simpanan aku labur pakey beli stock, share ngan best friend ku Shafiq. Baju kurung batik tok bukan sebarang batik okay? Nang original batik Malaysia dilukis tangan, kalering method and pencampuran warna yang fabulous, jahitan bukan style orang malas, siap ngan batu-batu bling-bling gik ya. "Menyin-menyin jak bini Aziz time raya tok!" bak kata nenek husband ku. Kekeke~ Stewardess MAS pun banyak tanyak siney aku beli baju ya time ku balit Kedah raya ya tek.

Tapi, cabaran nya...even though baju ya kacak...susah juak nak jual. Sebab harga nya. But aku berani jamin, right now, aku sorang jak jual design ya, with lower price than kedei2 batik lain. Aku xpasti in the future reganya camne, cuz supplier aku pun ngerepak madah cost polah baju ya mahal gilak. However, rami juak yang tanyak, "kitak ada blog jual baju kah?" Sorry...kinek tok sik brani nak bukak online lok...sebab takut orang curi design. So, mun maok, just contact me jak lah, i'll bring them over for you to see. :)

Hmm...banyak gik aku nak type sebenarnya...but aku terpaksa stop dolok...ada mission lain kaktok. Nak carik pusak rah tempat makan di Kpg. Bandung. Malam tadik aku terkejut sebab nya ugak2 kedak pusak ku yang hilang ya. Nang pelik juak lah sbb hilang di Kuching. Ne tauk nya ter'travel' skali lam enjin keta...
Yalah mok check balit...malam tadik xnampak warna matanya apa and lupak nak check perutnya cuz my pusak nama Bunga ya ada kesan lekak bedah.

So, ciao~ kelak ngerepak agik...Baibai!

p/s: Ya Allah...murahkanlah rezeki suamiku...tenangkanlah hatinya...Amin...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birthday ice-cream cupcakes!

Goodbye November, and Hello December! :D

Assalammualaikum & good day!

Alhamdulillah the weather is sunny right now in Sibu, and before i'm doing my laundy i better update my blog with the post that was meant to be posted on 16th November. LOL.

On last 15th November, which was my birthday, i tried to make my own birthday cupcakes. And the most challenging thing is i don't even have an electrical mixer and a baking oven.

And i only get to use a FORK for beating!

And this for baking!

As for the muffin, i just used Vanilla muffin recipe that i found online. At first i want to make a buttercream icing however after beating the muffin's batter, i gave up. LOL.
And now, onto the process...

Beating the butter and granulated sugar. 
Smells nice as i love eating these with breads! *_*

And now with eggs. 
The texture doesn't look good as the butter and sugar 
did not get enough beatings.

After getting some essence, milk, baking powder and flour.

After that, i just put the batter inside cups according to 2/3 of your cup.
And bake it inside the cooking ware that have been warmed up.
 Just simply put them inside and no i didn't use steam method this time. 
Will try that next time.

So yeah, this is how they look like after baking. 
Lots of air bubbles i think, and they don't get fluffy like muffins always do. :/

Since they're kinda 'bare', so i decided to pump up some strawberry jam inside.
Since the muffin already have holes, so it is easy for me. :P

Squeeze in any amount you like. 
People will find the surprise when they took a bite. ;)

With normal muffin, one squeeze of jam is enough i think?
But i have sweet tooth, so no problemo if i put more! X3

Since it was tiring to beat up for the icing, so i put ice-cream on the muffins.
Sorry, the ice-cream kinda melting since i just used the cheap brand.
You can decorate with anything that you like. :)

So ta-daa!! My Raspberry ice-cream cupcake!!! XD

Overall satisfaction, 50-50. i need to do better next time. :)
Hoping for an oven & a mixer soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ducati Multistrada Borneo Experience 2011

I wonder how many of you guys are interested in super cool bikes?
Ha! I don't actually have knowledge about them but I can only drool & fancy! My husband is one of the die-hard fans especially those bikes from Ducati. Still not familiar with the name? Pardon for my limited knowledge, but if you ever watched TRON 3D the movie, the guy was riding a Ducati superbike (a sexy bike that is!).

And good news! Ducati Malaysia is organising a convoy trip using Multistrada bikes with all other Asia-Pacific regions Ducatisti starting yesterday 25th November till 4th December 2011. And they are gonna rock the whole Borneo starting from Kuching, then to Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Brunei's Bandar Sri Begawan, Labuan and Kota Kinabalu.

Cool huh? The participants will be brought to local famous cultural & tourism places to discover and explore the natural beauty of Borneo in total of 2,000 kilometres journey.

Another big opportunity!
In the conjunction with Experience Borneo with Ducati Multistrada,  SMF is giving out exclusive prizes!

Just fill up the form in the link below and stand a chance to win attractive Ducati prizes in the lucky draw:

 - Every survey form submission will be entitled to a lucky draw 
- First 50 submissions will get a free limited-edition Ducati shirt each
 - Three (3) winners will be picked at the end of the Experience Borneo with Ducati Multistrada (9th Dec) to win exclusive Ducati merchandise worth RM500 each .

 On top of that, you could also be in the running for the lucky draw prizes above if you comment the blog post by telling where you want the next Ducati experience trip to be held:

 " I wish the next Ducati experience trip will be held in ___ because ……"

That's not it! Another exclusive opportunity will be given especially for East Malaysian which is...*drumrolls* to join the Ducati team's adventure to Pulau Tiga which is known as the Survival Island on 30th November!

What you guys have to do leave your comment HERE and express them about your interest! ^_^
So hurry up and don't forget to follow @DucatiMalaysia, @smfaisal10,  LIKE Ducati Malaysia & SM Faisal Nasimuddin Facebook Page.

p/s: I really couldn't wait to see these eye-candy bikes when they're in Sibu!