Friday, August 27, 2010



Sorang pun sik mok nolong...

Rasa mok lari jauh-jauh...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mission : Borang Permohonan Nikah

As Salam reader(s)!

Ho yehhh~!!
Dah siap isi borang permohonan nikah!

Encik Tunang dah lama suruh aku isi borang ni actually...dier dah siap2 tandatangan segala untuk borang dier and mintak surat kebenaran untuk kawen luar kawasan since dier kerja kat Sibu.
Dier siap ambikkan borang hijau utk aku from Sibu since July and gave it to me when kitorang buat gathering with friends at After Two.
Tetapi...huhuhu...borangku dah kemek sebab Izam terduduk kat atas beg. Kesian. ^^;;;

Jadi, aku pegi balik kat Majlis Islam utk dapatkan another borang.
Punyala lama nak tunggu...staff yg bekerja sikit je...and ramai sangat orang yang tak ambik nombor giliran and buat sukati je nak potong line.
Sebagai contoh:
*Semua org duduk menunggu giliran*
*Tiba-tiba datang pakcik ni masuk bilik and terus pegi kat meja counter.*
Staff yg bertugas: "Waalaikumsalam...err pakcik dah ambik nombor kah?"
Pakcik: *ignoring the question* "Kamek tok nak nanyak..." and teruskan urusan dier.

Benda ni berlarutan sampai beberapa orang...
Sepatutnya staff yang bertugas jadi lebih tegas...alasan busy and nak kejar waktu? come on la...semua orang kejar time, kan? :) So kan lebih baik ikut giliran, first come first serve la...baru adil...Tak pun, bukak lorong express untuk mana2 case yg sgt express macam ambik borang je. Macam aku...huhuhu~~
Anyway, waktu ni, aku tunggu sejam...adik aku yang tunggu dalam kereta sampai berpeluh2...hohoho~~

Dah dapat borang, aku isi...alamak...ader salah tulis...takpe...kensel sikit...pastu aku kena cari Ketua Kampung/ Ketua Kaum untuk pengesahan yang aku masih single...mana nak cari ni? Aku letak kampung nenek aku punya je lah...lepas tu, aku letak atas meja sebab taknak terlupa borang kalau aku pegi rumah nenek untuk mintak tandatangan KK.

Mistake sangat-sangat! Pembantu rumah aku simpan maner ntah sebab dier ingat document tak penting... Hadoiiii!!

Jadi aku terpaksa pegi sekali lagi mintak borang baru...This time aku pegi with Ann yang also nak kawen bulan 12. Hehe. Thanks for picking me up that time Ann!
Alhamdulillah, waktu ni orang tak ramai...sekejap je kitorang datang, ambik nombor and duduk...pastu dah kena panggil...This time, the staff bagi sedikit briefing macam mana nak isi borang. Sangat baik pakcik ni!:D Dulu, takde sorang pun nak brief aku...
Rupa-rupanya...Ketua Kampung kena cari yang sama alamat dengan tempat aku tinggal and mesti match alamat yang Tunang kita isi...
Uuuu...nasib baik...rupa-rupanya misteri kehilangan borang tadi ada hikmah disebaliknya....Hahaha~~

Ok~~ aku isi balik...dengan berhati-hati ok?
Then aku mintak bapak ku hunt for the KK. Pencarian berlaku beberapa hari and yesterday baru jumpa. So Alhamdulillah, semua dah isi...and sekarang nak pegi Majlis Islam to submit.

Yayyy!! Dah boleh nikah!! *i hope* :P

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mission : DIY Photobooth

One of my dream missions is to set up a Photobooth during the reception. :D
Saw this idea when browsing up google last 2 years. When i first saw it, i was like, "HELL YEAHHH!!! This is gonna be in my wedding!!!" XD

Credits: Wedding Acres

Very interesting! Hehe~~ The pictures can be pasted for the Guestbook; instead of just a normal guests names and wishes. And of course a written wishes also welcomed. ^^
i really hope that everyone who attend the reception will participate! It will be a good memory to be kept in the guestbook. :)

So, the challenges are:
1. how to hang the backdrop?
2. need to get ready some props - parasol, fake moustaches, photo frames, teddy bears, flowers, etc.
3. should i use polaroid camera or normal camera? if using normal camera, where can i get the mini printer for cheap?
4. need to assign one or two of the bridesmaids to 'guard' the booth
5. need to get permission from the hotel manager.
6. need to get ready the guestbook. Buy or DIY?
7. find a suitable place to set up the booth in the hall.
8. get extra tables to put guestbook & props.

The eldest really gave me the o_O huh?? look when they heard my proposition. Guess that 'simple' and 'get over it quickly' wedding is only applicable for them. *sigh*
Anyway, wish me luck!

Tak lama lagi buka puasa~~ Hehe~ XD

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i ish not happy! D:

Things that have made me stressed out lately:

1. getting fat. i like gaining weight, but hate those flabs under the chin and tummy!
2. no money. (THE MOST EVIL THING!)
3. wedding invitation for solemnization still not yet done.
4. there is no news about my wedding attires (3 of them).
5. airplane tickets has been sold out and super expensive so i don't know how to go to Shah Alam to do my wedding dresses fitting. i should be there 2 weeks before 10/10.
6. grandma insisted to have make-up changes according to different attires for Berlulut session. more make-up means more $$ to burn!
7. shortage of wedding favours.
8. couldn't find videographers since i don't have money!
9. my room's deck renovation + electrical stuff have not start yet.

There are other stuff as well, but it felt emo-wrecking to type. =_=
90% of the problems came from lack of money. Right now, i don't even have some to fill the fuel. *Sigh* Shit happens...

Oh my...where can i get money? T_T
Ya Allah...tolonglah hambamu yang daif ini!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Aku semakin GUMUKKKK!!!
Naik 4 kilo! D:


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mission : Place & Invitation Card

All right...
The place for the reception has been confirmed. :)
That was quite a release...phew!
Well, even though i heard lots of complaints about the place e.g. "You get what you paid", i do HOPE for the best for my big day. InsyaAllah...

Included in the package was invitation cards...i initially wanted to DIY the cards myself, but since they came in free so i just picked the most descent one that i can find in the *free template* section from Banana Greetings. In black colour card with silver hot stamping...the usual, anywhere-you-can-find invitation card in Malaysia i must say. :/

Right now i'm still looking for cheaper cards for my Solemnization Day.
Yes,the DIY mission is still on the radar, but grandma and mom wanted things that easily being produced a.k.a. you just pay and wait. So what should i do? i wanted things to be out right without spending more money. *sigh*

Anyway, i just got back from watching 'The Expendables' and before that, i visited Shafiq's mom at the Cancer Unit in Sarawak General Hospital. i really hope that she'll be fine soon!
And the movie was AWESOME!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Place Hunting

Mom took 2 days off from work just to settle some stuff and accompanied me to search for reception hall/banquet.

Ann promoted me to one of her friend's wedding package; place located at the new food court/KFC at Demak Jaya area, food pricing per pax was good at RM12.50, including free Pelamin (Wedding Dais), P.A. system, and karaoke.

So we went to see the person-in-charge/owner this morning. He explained that the RM12.50 per pax promotion is over because of the goods' high price and they barely can get profits with that promotion price. So they offered RM14 per pax.
The place itself was kinda empty and dull as the daughter said it's still under renovation process for Ramadhan Buka Puasa restaurant. So i can't say much or visualise how the place look like when it's fully furnished for a wedding reception.
Right now just waiting for Ann to post up some pics for me and mom to see. :)
The owner's daughter will contact me tomorrow (i mean later today xD) to explain more stuff.

Another place that we went to was the Penview Hotel. They have this RM200 per table Malay Wedding promotion including the MC, P.A. system, karaoke, kompang, dummy cake, invitation cards, complimentary room, etc... Quite higher than the first package, but somehow if you add up everything, it's kinda worth it. But then, i need to find people to do my wedding dais. Let say, wedding dais for RM1.5k (no more budget for higher than that.T_T). Other than that, there were some bad issues regarding the banquet services as per told by my friends who attended the functions there every year (i don't know much since i only been there once for David's wedding!), so i told the manager about it. He apologized and agreed that there have been some problems with that since some of the workers are part-timers and amateurs. He said that he will try to overcome the matters. And i jokingly said that i will invite him to my reception so he can watch over the banquet staff. :P Mom too, agree that this place is quite convenient in case my sister Mi~ya gotten tired sitting on the wheelchair, she can go back and rest at the hotel room. And we can prepare clothes and makeup before the event too!

Well, actually either one is okay. As long as it is comfortable, free from the rain, and fit the budget. :)

Gosh...the mosquitoes are killing me... gahhh!!!
i better sleep now! i have tomorrow's plan changing. We're supposed to go to the polyclinic for HIV test, and meeting up Yabuki's wedding dais planner. But me and Yabuki are going to drive to Lingga (near Sri Aman) for Nizam's wedding! XD

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Ring

Finally bought my wedding ring. :)

No, it's not my dream-wedding-ring though. Too bad. :/

Vivienne Westwood Mayfair ring - £205.00

Last week me and Yabuki made the decision to end our rings hunt and decided to buy from Habib Jewels The Spring; same place where we bought my Engagement Ring before. Of course, we picked up the Sales day. :P Ah, it's so hard to find black opal or onyx rings. There weren't any. :(

First, we went to choose for his wedding band...9k gold ones (suasa) as Muslim guys shouldn't be wearing higher percentage of gold in any jewellery. Well, since few past months, i was eyeing on this certain ring which i called 'Transformers' ring (i don't know why i named it that), it has nice designer touch, but there's no smaller size for Yabuki's finger. So dayuumm!! lol.
So, ader la...have to pejam mata pilih, picked on of the latest design, simple and have small diamond in the centre. There were 55% discount, so i got his for below RM1k. :)
Takpe busyukkk! Mun ada rezeki, kelak 'upgrade' for anniversary, okeh? ♥

Then, my turn pulak. The sales promoter terus pilihkan. Actually i wanted a wedding band that compliments with my Engagement ring if worn together, but, too expensive since wedding band would look nice if there's a lot of diamonds on it. A plain wedding band with no diamonds will make orang tua madah, "gila juak kedekut laki nya tok merik cincin kosong!". So yeah. :/
Ada la a few nice kerawang-kerawang type diamond rings - definitely me and makcik-makcik will love them, but the promoter said that for wedding, it would be a good investment and special if we buy certified diamond + different white gold casing. Made sense yeah, but no kerawang for me. Cuz the ring is just simple, and almost look alike with my engagement ring but more shinier. LOL.

Well, the ring + casing is quite over the budget, but Yabuki asked, "You want that? Ambiklah!", and i was like, "Biar benar miak tok? O_O", and he looked convincing enough, so i took it. Luckily got discount. i don't think i'd be able to get it with the real price. XD

Nya sik puas ati sik dpt nangga nombor dlm diamond ya.

So yeah...very out of my Rock/Gothic taste actually, but quite pretty princessy feeling to it. Hehe.

Here's my ring:

Kehkehkeh~~ just a teaser! Over exposed from my cam-phone. ^^;;

Anyway, of the hunt already over, so next hunt please!